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10 Ways private education can benefit your son

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 18, 2018 6:00:00 AM

10 ways private education can benefit your sonThe great public versus independent education debate will never end. With so many to consider, choosing the right school for your son can be a daunting decision.

At Trinity, we believe there are 10 ways private education can benefit your son:

1. Enriched academic opportunities
Independent schools provide exceptional and challenging educational experiences through extracurricular activities, vocational courses, a choice of academic pathways, as well as offering academic extension and support programmes. Independent school students consistently perform well in standardised tests and university entrance exams, and many schools have close to a 100 percent rate of students attending their university of choice.

2. Pastoral care
Private schools tend to have a very strong pastoral care network to support student wellbeing, whether it be academic or emotional. They are generally equipped to support students’ individual learning needs and make appropriate adjustments. Pastoral care can support students with:

  • Gifted and talented programme
  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning difficulties
  • English as Second Language (ESL)
  • Vocational guidance

Pastoral care staff can include registered psychologists, counsellors, specialist teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teacher’s aides. If your son has any special needs, be sure to enquire about a school’s pastoral care programme.

3. A safe environment
Private schools have a reputation for maintaining high standards of discipline and respect. Lower staff-to-student ratios allow for more effective observation. The strong sense of community found in independent schools also discourages dangerous behaviour.

4. Shared philosophy and values
By choosing the right independent school you can ensure that the School’s philosophy on education, discipline, social justice and more are aligned with your own family values. You can also choose a school that will best support your son’s interests, learning experience and personality.

5. Extracurricular activities 
While academic excellence remains a priority for most independent schools, many also place a strong focus on a well-rounded education and encourage participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, arts, cadets, oratory or other clubs. 

6. Outstanding resources 
At independent schools, you'll find incredible resources to support student learning in the classroom, on the sports field, in the art studio, and beyond. Quality resources and extracurricular activities provide students with ample opportunities to fully explore their God-given interests and talents.

7. Future readiness 
Private schools offer students a wide range of specialisations. They are responsible for producing many leaders in politics, business and society, with a history of adapting quickly to changes in technology and culture.

Class sizes can vary greatly between and within schools, and the research does not 
suggest that class size is a significant factor in determining academic outcomes. However, smaller classes do increase the direct knowledge that teachers have of the students, enabling them to provide support as it is needed.

9. Parental involvement
Private schools are built around open communication between parents and administration, and they make it a priority to involve parents in the community. From frequent parent-teacher meetings, social events such as parent breakfasts and the participation of parent committees in fundraising initiatives, families become an integral part of their child’s education, which also helps strengthen parent-child relationships.

10. Alumni community
A strong sense of pride is often instilled in independent school alumni, creating rich networking opportunities upon entering the workforce. This can be especially true at faith-based schools.

Education and schooling at all levels comes at a cost. Families need to determine whether private school is worth the financial investment. Ultimately, this decision will come down to your own family’s situation and priorities as well as the needs of your child.

Our mission at Trinity Grammar School is to provide a thoroughly Christian education for boys from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, imparting knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, and recognising the importance of spiritual qualities in every sphere of learning. We actively encourage our students to grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man, in order that they may become responsible, contributing members of society.

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