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3 Essential benefits to a private education

Posted by Milton Cujes on Nov 9, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Public versus private education debateThe great public versus private debate will never end. It is one of the most pressing questions facing parents. Which school will provide their child the best start in life? The answer is simple.

Every child is different. What may suit one child may equally be completely inappropriate for another. It is up to parents to find a school that will provide their child the best opportunity to realise his unique potential, passions and purpose in life.

While not entering the debate per se, I would argue that there are some key benefits to a private education.

Here are 3 key benefits to an education at Trinity:

  1. Trinity is a boys’ school by choice. With over 100 years of experience and tradition in educating young men, the School has a good understanding of what boys need to flourish. As a community, we are committed to an environment where every boy has his best chance of realising his potential.

  2. The intellectual, physical and spiritual development of every boy is encouraged so that he may realise his God-given talents. Our proven and extensive pastoral care network that is underpinned by the Christian faith provides high levels of individualised care and attention. This allows us to know, nurture and challenge each boy along his unique education journey.

  3. Breadth of choice:
    • Sport
    • Co-Curricular activities
    • Differentiated academic pathways beyond the HSC: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Trinity Vocational Academic Course, School Based Traineeships

It is crucial that boys are afforded the opportunity to discover their own talents. At Trinity, we continue to work creatively and effectively to meet the diverse educational needs of boys to enhance their learning experiences.

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