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4 Things to consider when selecting subjects with your son

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Nov 29, 2017, 6:00:00 AM

4 Things to consider when selecting subjects with your sonWhen it comes to selecting subjects for study in the Senior years, students can feel pressure to choose a future career and begin working towards it. While some students may have a profession in mind, not all students have a clear vision of their futures – and that is perfectly normal.

It is best to start by discussing your son’s views and exploring his options with him to gauge his areas of interest.

Here are four things to consider when selecting subjects with your son:

1. Discuss his career ambitions
Does your son have a particular career in mind? If so, a good place to start is by researching the subjects that relate to this field and the entry requirements of tertiary degree or training courses. It’s also a good idea to explore and discuss what the chosen profession involves. Often, students may have a general idea about a role, without really knowing the everyday tasks and skill sets involved. For instance, many students express a desire to become a lawyer as it is perceived as a high paying and prestigious profession, but they may not realise that it also entails lots of research and administrative tasks. It is important that students understand the intensity and length of time required for study and training in their chosen field, as well as the amount of work they’ll need to put in to achieve the marks required for university entry.

2. Look at his strengths and weaknesses
If your son has a career prospect in mind, is it achievable? While not impossible, a career in a physics may not be attainable for a student with poor results in mathematics and science. Students are more likely to enjoy study if they choose the subjects that they do well in. Sit down with your son and look at his previous results in various subject areas. Discuss where he feels his strengths and weaknesses lie and aim to choose subjects that allow him to reach his full potential.

3. What subjects does he enjoy most?
It’s no surprise that students are more engaged in learning if the subject matter interests them. As such, students are more likely to excel in subjects they enjoy, and this can lead to the discovery of new learning avenues and career prospects. For students that don’t have a future profession in mind it’s helpful to undertake subjects they enjoy and perform well in, and go from there.

4. Encourage him to get expert advice
Meeting with the School’s Careers Advisor can be an insightful experience during the subject selection process. Careers Advisors have the expertise and experience to assist students in setting realistic goals and clarify understanding about subjects and careers. Career advisors may also be able to put your son in touch with professionals or mentors working in the industries that interest them. This could be a valuable experience for your son, allowing him to gain greater insight into how his education can shape his future opportunities.

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