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5 benefits to technology in the classroom

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Mar 12, 2016 6:00:00 AM

5 benefits to technology in the classroomAccording to a new report which looks at ensuring Australians have the skills and experience for the jobs of the future, not the past, governments should consider implementing a mandatory computing or digital technologies curriculum from primary school. The report, titled The New Work Order, states that if Australia is to succeed in a global economy that is digitally enabled, our workforce needs to be increasingly digitally literate.

Students today need to be exposed to a relevant breadth of curriculum experiences which also acknowledge that the way students absorb and retain information has changed and will continue to change. At Trinity Grammar School, educational technology is embedded in the curriculum from Pre Kindergarten to Year 12. It is our view that technology can improve focus among students and it caters to students who learn independently and to those who are more collaborative.

The use of technology in the classroom delivers these top 5 benefits:

  1. Meeting the needs of all learners: Many years ago, schools delivered curriculums in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Technology has enabled teachers to personalise learning experiences to the specific needs of each individual, where students work at their own pace. The use of more interactive educational tools allows for a more exciting learning experience for students and teachers.

  2. Technology empowers students: Technology has challenged the traditional teacher/student dynamic taking students from passive learners to being engaged and active in their learning. Technology enables students to get excited about their learning because they can be flexible and pursue their own interests.

  3. Explore beyond the classroom: Safe internet access in the classroom has enabled students to explore beyond the boundaries of a text book, lesson or their ‘known’ world. Google and Wikipedia shouldn’t become a replacement for simple research tasks, but they can open boys’ eyes to other viewpoints.

  4. Greater flexibility for teachers: Teaching is as much about knowing how to improve an individual’s learning ability as it is about teaching a particular subject. A technology rich environment gives teachers greater flexibility to create specialised learning experiences.

  5. Enables collaboration and self-expression: The rise of user-generated content (blogs, social media, videos, posts, wikis etc.) has encouraged student self-expression, interaction and collaboration. All skills required for success in the 21st century.

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