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5 Reasons why scholarships are important

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on May 16, 2019 6:00:00 AM

5 Reasons why scholarships are importantScholarships provide remission of tuition fees and/or education costs to deserving students who will make a positive contribution to a school community. Generally, applications are available to both current students and students from other schools, and have the potential to add diversity and vigour to the student body. There are many reasons why scholarships are important, but fundamentally it comes down to providing worthy students with a quality education to which they may otherwise not have access.

At Trinity Grammar School, Academic, Music and All-round scholarships are available for Year 7 and Year 10. No scholarship is ever awarded on academic excellence alone – we seek boys who will make a broad and positive impact on our school community and we look for exemplary conduct and excellence in sport, co-curricular, community service and leadership.

Here are just a few benefits of scholarships at Trinity:

1. Provide financial support for deserving students
Some scholarships are offered to students who would otherwise be unable to attend Trinity Grammar School due to financial constraints. The most profound benefit of scholarships is affordability. Scholarships expose students to a standard of education that might otherwise be unattainable. These students, in turn, enrich our school community, with their academic achievements, musicianship, service mindset and/or strong work ethic and drive.

2. Help children reach their full potential
Scholarships ensure that students can experience an education that will challenge, extend and inspire them to reach their full potential. A Trinity education actively encourages students to grow in mind, body and spirit. Fuelled by a pastorally aware culture with exceptionally high levels of individual student attention, we aim to know, understand and nurture each student to help him realise his potential, passion and purpose in life.

Trinity is a non-selective school that aims to provide the best environment for boys to flourish and succeed.

3. Depth and diversity
Scholarship students can come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of attributes to our community, contributing to the School through participation in co-curricular, sporting, leadership and service activities. Following their education at Trinity, where they have access to a broad academic and co-curricular programme, they can diversify their strengths and achieve their life’s purpose, adding both depth and diversity to our wider community.

4. Significant impact to the life of the recipient
Scholarships have a very tangible and immediate impact on the life of the recipient. It is said that scholarships can change lives, the impact is not limited to financial assistance but can cover all facets of life – educational, personal, and professional. Some of the world’s most influential people have gone on to make significant contributions to the world following an education scholarship, including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Susan Rice.

5. Promotes altruism
A number of education scholarships are the result of philanthropic donations. This instils a service mindset among recipients who experience the very real benefits of philanthropy. Many students naturally feel a responsibility to live up to the expectations of donors and in turn look for ways to pay it forward, either by participating in community service initiatives to support those in need, or indeed funding scholarships themselves in the future. It is also highly beneficial for the broader school community to see scholarship students embrace educational opportunities and highlights the need to support these highly capable students.

Competition for scholarships at Trinity is strong as the demand is high. If you are thinking about a scholarship for your son, you can familiarise yourself with our process of applying for a scholarship by reading our blog ‘Things you need to know about scholarships at Trinity.’

Trinity provides an abundance of opportunities which nurture boys to grow into men who are clear and passionate about their unique talents. We actively encourage our students to grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man, in order that they may become responsible, contributing members of society.

We aim to help boys discover their innate talents and unlock their full potential within the context of a supportive Christian environment. We have guided boys to grow in mind, body and spirit for over a century and we know what boys need to truly flourish and succeed.

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