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5 Signs your son is ready for kindergarten

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Nov 11, 2017 6:00:00 AM

5 Signs your son is ready for KindergartenA boy’s early education is vital in helping to create a positive experience of learning and developing a foundation for his future. At Trinity Grammar School, we believe Kindergarten can set the tone for the future of your son’s education.

Your son needs to have the developmental skills required to participate in a classroom environment, with the ability to make decisions, listen to instructions, and follow directions.

To ensure the best possible start for your son, it is imperative that he is developmentally ready and well-prepared for Kindergarten. Below are five signs your son is ready for Kindergarten.

1. Capable of making independent decisions 
Your son will need to make decisions independently and be confident in doing so, as he will be required to make several decisions throughout the school day. Your son should have the ability to make good behavioural choices as well.

2. Ability to follow instructions
Your son should have the capacity to listen carefully and follow simple instructions. These are things you can practise with your son at home.

3. Show interest in other children 
Your son will be surrounded by other children and will participate in group activities with other boys. He will need to have developed social skills such as sharing and taking turns, and show an interest in forming and developing friendships with other boys, including the ability to deal with small conflicts.

4. Fine and gross motor skills
While his fine and gross motor skills might not be completely developed, he should be able to throw a ball and manipulate pencils and scissors. These skills will continue to develop in the classroom, but ideally your son should have practised so that he is comfortable and confident when he starts Kindergarten.

5. Excited by learning and can focus
It is important that young learners are able focus for short periods of time on something that interests them and provokes questions from them. This can be encouraged at home by reading to your child, listening to music and playing games. 

At Trinity Grammar School, we recognise that a great start to a child’s learning journey can make all the difference to his academic success. Pre-Kindergarten at Trinity is a specialised option for boys that may not be quite ready for Kindergarten.

Our well-structured Pre-Kindergarten programme will encourage your son to engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences that nurture his curiosity and sense of wonder, and challenge his thinking – making for a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

To learn why Pre-Kindergarten at Trinity Grammar School provides the best preparation for school, download our Pre-Kindergarten prospectus.Trinity pre-kindergarten prospectus download

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