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5 Tips to prepare for the new school year

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jan 17, 2019 6:00:00 AM

5 Tips to prepare for the new school yearAlthough the summer holidays are a fantastic time for children to rest, recover and enjoy a break from school, it can be a challenge getting back into a school routine. To aid the transition back to school, we’ve uncovered five tips to prepare for the new school year:

1. Review the past year
Following a lengthy holiday period, it can be difficult for children to remember all the content they learned in the previous school year. It may also take some time to get back into a learning mindset after so much time relaxing, vacationing and having fun.

As the new school year approaches, encourage your son to spend some time reviewing content from the previous year. A quick refresher will make the first few weeks much easier.

It will be helpful for your son to:

  • Skim through last year’s class notes
  • Quickly read through summaries of the books he’s read
  • Briefly review past quizzes and tests.

2. Set clear goals
Establishing clear goals with your son for the upcoming school year is a valuable thing to do. John Hattie from the University of Melbourne has been involved in a broad range of research and concluded that setting challenging goals, rather than ‘do your best’ goals, is a more effective way of setting expectations for students. To have difficult yet achievable goals can have an energising effect which motivates students to the highest levels.

What does your son want to achieve in the upcoming school year?

  • Does he want to average a certain grade?
  • Is there a specific subject he wants to excel in?
  • Does he want to make a certain sports team?
  • Does he want to be a part of the Creative Arts Programme?

3. Establish a routine
Being on summer holiday can disrupt regular routines. Boys will undoubtedly sleep late, wake later, and will be out of rhythm. Establishing a regular routine before the school year begins will be helpful to prepare him for a school routing before term commences.

The week before the school year begins, boys should know:

  • When to sleep
  • When to wake up
  • When to study
  • When to exercise
  • When to engage in hobbies

4. Understand expectations
To set your son up to succeed, help him understand what is expected of him this school year. If he is beginning Year 7, he needs to know what this year will look like for him – help him understand how it will be different to Year 6, the habits he needs to begin to develop and the responsibilities he will have.

If your son is entering into his final year of school, he too needs to understand what this year will look like. Help him to understand the importance of this year, the decisions he will need to make and the options he will need to consider.

Your son could be starting school for the first time, entering completely unfamiliar terrain. Read our tips to prepare your son for pre-kindergarten.

Having these conversations before the school year begins helps boys approach the school year more effectively.

5. Talk to your son about how he is feeling
With mental health being such a prevalent issue in today’s society, it will be useful for you to have conversations with your son about how he is feeling about the upcoming school year and discuss how you can best support him. Acknowledge his feelings and try to understand and respect them, especially when your child is going through a challenging time.

To find out more about how you can support your son’s mental health, read what to look for in your child’s mental health.

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