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5 ways parents can encourage sons to explore their creativity

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 1, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Five_ways_parents_can_encourage_sons_to_explore_their_creativity.jpgExposing boys to the creative arts from a young age is very important. Afterall how do you know where their interests lie unless they are educated on the possibilities?

Here are five ways parents can encourage their sons to explore their creativity:

  1. A family that plays music together, stays together
    If you can’t play music together, then turn up the sound system and listen, dance, and explore the music together.

  2. Select an appropriate arts programme
    This can be a good starting point. Select an appropriate arts programme on the television to start a dialogue about the way people express themselves and tell stories.

  3. Get creative together
    Is there a wall in your house that needs to be painted and freshened up? Why not use it as an opportunity to get creative with your son before employing a painter? Pick up a paintbrush and paint it together, but remember, be creative, you can always paint over it again.

  4. Educate your son in the creative arts
    Open your son’s mind to the creative arts by visiting art galleries, or going to drama performances and museums together.

    Make a day of it, book a matinee show at the theatre and organise dinner afterwards to discuss what your son liked or disliked, and decide on another show he would like to see in the future if he enjoyed it. Engage your son on a level that interests him and let it grow from there.

  5. Broaden his exposure and open his mind
    Museums, architecture and festivals such as Sydney’s Vivid Light Festival provide a good opportunity to introduce your son to the creative arts in a fun and meaningful way. This may just be the spark that ignites his passion! Be patient though, we (parents) often need to spend a lot of time with our boys to build a quality relationship.

At Trinity, we teach the Arts not to train a generation of artists but to stimulate a way of being in the world – considering, reflecting, analysing and communicating. We recognise that the study of the Arts has broader implications for the development of the whole student.

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