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7 essential benefits to boarding school

Posted by Rodney Fitch on Mar 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM

7 essential benefits to boarding schoolThere are many reasons parents choose to send their children to boarding school. Undoubtedly the main driver for both country and international families (and indeed some city families) is to provide their child with greater educational opportunities.

For those living in rural communities, their ‘local’ option may be some distance from home, necessitating several hours of travel each day. While international families might seek English language fluency for their child as a precursor to overseas tertiary education.

Sending your child to boarding school is not an easy decision. Leaving aside the financial commitment, it can be a major tug on the heart strings.

However, there are many benefits to boarding school that can have a life-long impact on a boy’s education journey.

Here are Trinity's top 7 benefits to boarding school:

  1. Access to a world-class education. Trinity students consistently rank among the top students in the world.

  2. A choice of curriculum. Our students have a choice of education pathways, with access to HECS, the International Baccalaureate or Vocational Education and Training programmes (TVAC). This means students have a range of career options to pursue once graduating from Trinity.

  3. Sporting opportunities. Our boarding students love sport. Trinity boasts excellent facilities and outstanding coaching staff. Just last year, the School became the first school in Australasia to be accredited as a World Academy of Sport Athlete Friendly Education Centre in recognition of our impressive sporting programme as well as the facilities and support in place that meet the requirements of high performing student athletes.

  4. Independence. Boarding students quickly learn how to perform many household tasks and chores themselves and they also become more independent learners. In addition, boarders need to be responsible for managing their own money and belongings, helping them to mature earlier and become more resourceful.

  5. Friendships and connections. Boarders often form very close friendships and connections with their boarding ‘family’. They have the benefit of having many shared experiences through the enormous extra curricular offering.

  6. Cultural diversity. Boys don’t see race or colour – they see opportunities to play and relate. Boarding students benefit from living amongst boys from a range of different backgrounds and cultures.

    Year 10 student, Julius Seidler from Germany said it best: “In Germany, we don’t celebrate diversity as much as you do here in Australia and from the first day on I found that very pleasant. Everyone somehow gets along with each other no matter what language they speak or what culture they are from. But it’s not just the diversity of cultures in the Boarding House which makes the Boarding House experience unique. It’s also about how everyone as an individual is different in terms of values and abilities, yet we all get on well together and it’s a very good place to live.”
  1. Pastoral care. Every boarder at Trinity meets with a psychologist upon entering the Boarding House for the first time. Boys are surveyed on a fortnightly basis to monitor their happiness, relationships with other boarders and staff, sleep and academic progress. We have a team of support staff to meet both the academic and emotional needs of boarders.

But most of all boarding at Trinity is fun. At Trinity we know what boys need to flourish. Our Boarding House is full of boy centric activities from go-karting and NRL excursions to international UNO games.

To find out if boarding is right for your son, download our prospectus.

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