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A school community: what does it mean?

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Mar 23, 2016 6:00:00 AM

School communityTrinity, like any family, has a rich history made up of times of celebration and times of grieving, with everything in between. As a member of a school community, one commences their journey in partnership with the School in experiencing, as Ronald S Bath has noted, “A complex pattern of norms, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, values, ceremonies, traditions and myths that are deeply ingrained in the very core of the organisation.”

We share its wonderful academic rewards, its sporting triumphs and defeats; its Music and Drama performances; its BBQs, camps and “Service Week” to the greater Sydney Community; the pageantry of the Cadet Ceremonial parade and visits to our Outdoor Education Field Centre.

Through our Chaplaincy team, there are students, parents and staff who have embraced the Christian experience, including Confirmation into the greater Anglican Church community and the sacrament of marriage.

We have had the occasional member of our community who may have behaved in ways we do not condone and so we spend a lot of time trying to encourage everyone to do the right thing by the rest of the community. Our parents and extended family members, students and staff share these bonds that make this School a family.

Ingrained at the very core of Trinity is our Christian philosophy of education, the essence of which is made manifest through the ministrations of our teaching and support staff – it is their professional, personal commitment in nurturing, challenging and encouraging the all-round development of our boys, both in and out of the classroom, that provides the channel whereby they can indeed, “grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man” – it inspires and underwrites the splendid achievements of our boys year after year. 

More formally, we have been fortunate to witness a School community spirit of engagement and encouragement permeating throughout our extended School family. A multi-layered, inter-dependent network of mutual support engaging the School Council, the Foundation, The Old Trinitarians’ Union, The Parents’ and Friends’ Association and its support agencies such as the Summer Hill, and Strathfield and Junior School Auxiliaries, all of whom we gratefully acknowledge for their commitment to make Trinity a truly unique community.

Developing a sense of community in schools is vital – it prepares boys for life in the broader community and provides rich learning opportunities for everyone involved.

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