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Activities to enhance leadership skills

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Aug 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Activities to enhance leadership skillsWhat makes a good leader?

A leader is a person with great communication, teamwork and motivation skills. They are trustworthy and honest, respected, responsible and committed. They are also positive and creative, with an exceptional ability to delegate, problem solve and offer timely and constructive feedback.

Effective leaders can identify potential difficulties before they occur and can either stop them from happening, or find quick solutions when they do. They can also identify opportunities and make the most of them. Becoming a great leader does not happen overnight. It takes motivation, persistence and a commitment to learn through experience.

The skills associated with leadership are highly valued in society. For this reason, we have collated a small collection of activities to enhance leadership skills for your son. These are fun activities that your son can try with his friends or other family members and they can also help with relationship-building – key for effective leadership.  

1. Build a boat
Using household materials such as mats and cushions, team members are required to build a ‘boat’ they can ‘board.’ Once the boat is complete, pieces are removed, one piece at a time. Team members need to find a way to stay ‘on board.’ That means communicating and problem solving together, to find the best way to keep the team together. The aim of the activity is for the team to stay ‘on board’ as long as possible. This encourages communication, problem solving and situational analysis.

2. Guide me
Blindfold a participant and create an obstacle course they need to negotiate. This can be done with the verbal assistance of their team; however, only the words left, right, forwards and backwards, can be used. This is a great activity for building trust and enhancing communication skills.

3. Who do you admire?
This activity involves discussing leaders you know and admire. Participants will need to spend time brainstorming who they admire and for what reasons. They will then share their thoughts with the team. Make note of the qualities of admirable leaders and how these qualities can be developed. This is a great activity for inspiring communication, focusing on positivity and encouraging honesty.

4. Tower over me
Using objects such as blocks, pop-sticks, tooth-picks or sticks, build the highest freestanding tower possible. To do so, participants will be required to communicate, motivate, delegate, trust, problem solve and collaborate.

5. A handshake and a knot
Participants stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. They then shake the right hand of the person opposite them. Maintaining the right hand shake connection, participants use their left hand to shake the hand of a different person. When all participants have right and left handed connection with their team mates, they must endeavour to untangle themselves, without breaking any connections. This is a fabulous activity to promote communication and problem solving.

Trinity Grammar School students are given many opportunities to experience leadership, whether it be through sport, creative arts, in the classroom, through Cadets or through School Officer roles. The foundation of the school’s leadership programme is based on the Biblical principle of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus throughout the Gospels. The School Captain, Prefects and Officers spend a weekend learning about the application of servant leadership and its responsibilities.  

One of the most significant opportunities that our boys have to learn leadership skills is through its Certificate II in Leadership through Cadets qualification – the only one of its kind in Australia.

Leadership through Cadets is designed to enable boys to acquire a range of technical, practical, personal and organisational skills associated with leadership. Trinity's Director of Vocational Education and RTO Manager (Careers Education) Dr Frederick Osman said, "The skills associated with leadership are highly valued in the workplace and in society in general. Potentially the course will afford them an advantage in the competitive quest for scholarships and jobs, but more importantly will equip them with vital life skills."

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