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Advantages for choosing private school for kindergarten

Posted by Mark Dunn on Jun 19, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Advantages for choosing private school for KindergartenChoosing the right school for your child is an important decision that many parents agonise over. If private schooling is an option, knowing the best year level to commence at the school becomes part of that decision. Some parents feel it is best to wait until high school. Others seek to smooth the transition to high school by enrolling their son or daughter in the upper primary years. Some prefer to maximise the years their child spends at the one school by enrolling in private school for Kindergarten. No single entry-point will be right for every child but many do benefit from an earlier commencement. So what are the potential advantages for choosing private school for Kindergarten for your son or daughter?

Early intervention
Smaller class sizes, the provision of teacher-aides, on-site access to welfare and counselling professionals as well as the quality and abundance of professional development opportunities for teachers, mean that private schools are often better equipped to identify and address the particular learning needs of individual students. High quality early childhood education programmes improve learning, mental health, physical health and behaviour. Early interventions can address language, learning and social obstacles before they impact significantly on student wellbeing. Students can also receive enrichment opportunities in areas where they have the potential to be extended in their learning.

Pastoral Care
Private schools are resourced and structured to provide pastoral care for all students. For example, the provision of subject-specialist teachers in areas such as Visual Arts, PDHPE, Music, Drama and languages, not only allows students to benefit from expert tuition by primary educators, but also provides a ‘village’ of teachers for each student. This means an array of male and female teachers who are known to each child and who know and understand each child’s needs. Many of these teachers will remain involved in a student’s development throughout their primary years. 

Co-curricular Opportunities
Private schools are able to offer an enormous variety of co-curricular opportunities from a young age. Students can discover talents and pursue interests through clubs and enrichment lessons before, during and after school. They enjoy expert tuition, purpose-built facilities and the social benefits of learning outside the classroom with their peers from inside the classroom. Co-curricular opportunities are integral to the learning programme of the ‘whole’ child rather than mere add-ons.

Trinity Grammar School in Sydney, is a place of learning where professional and caring teachers work with one another and partner with parents to develop the mind, body and spirit of every boy across the years of his learning journey. Once boys join the community at Trinity, it is common to hear from parents that they wish they had started their son earlier! It is an environment where our littlest boys get to enjoy being little boys, aspire to be big boys, and where they receive the care and opportunities to grow into well-rounded young men.

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At Trinity Grammar School we recognise the importance of making a good beginning. The myriad of opportunities provided in Kindergarten, the first year of formal schooling, lays the foundations for all future learning.

To find out if your son is ready for a Trinity education at Kindergarten, read our Kindergarten Ready document here. You’ll discover what your son needs to be able to do in order to be Kindergarten Ready.

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