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Trinity News: Students excel in writing competition

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New Trinity Grammar School Head Master welcomed

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Best of the Best Art exhibition showcases Trinity boys' diverse talents

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Pastoral care at Trinity

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First participants graduate with Trinity's Certificate II in Leadership Through Cadets qualification

Fostering a healthy mind – the importance of emotional skills for boys

The study of English and literature is constantly evolving at Trinity

Strategies for managing study time

Trinity crowned 2017 CAS Track and Field champions!

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IB or HSC? Discover the best option for your son

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Teaching your son to think of others

8 Tips on how to encourage a love of reading in your son

9 Ways to strengthen your father-son bond

HSC study survival guide: 7 quick tips

How Trinity's Arthur Holt Library is enriching the student experience

Treasure beyond measure

Tips to help your son manage priorities

Learning to deal with pressure

Why education should extend beyond the classroom walls for early learners

Activities to enhance leadership skills

How Drama builds character on and off the stage

Boys in blue are no match for Trinity speed and agility

An average day as a swimmer

Helping others is a walk in the park for Trinity boys

Six ways to improve your son’s social skills

Ensuring your son establishes healthy friendships with girls

Cybersafety: raising boys to be smart and safe online

Student blog: The importance of friendships

Trinity student wins prestigious 2017 Trainee of the Year award

The secrets to mastering the art of public speaking

Five tips for sparking your son's interest in science

Why failure can be the best teacher

5 Tips to communicate successfully with your son's teachers

Finding a co-curricular activity to suit your son

Trinity Arts Festival showcases diverse creative talents

Five signs that suggest your son is not coping with stress

Six signs your son is healthy and happy

Four ways to teach your son to appreciate his friends

Five free activities to keep your family entertained these holidays

A focus on careers gives students an individual purpose in learning

Food for thought: ensuring your son maintains a healthy diet

Learning to trust your son completely

How to make homework fun in five simple ways

The secret to unlocking your son’s creativity

What it means to be a school leader

Five tips on how to become more active as a family

Trinity da Vinci decathletes put to the test

Five simple ways your family can help the environment

Croissants and crime for breakfast

Celebrating parents and six tips for effective parenting

Midyear resolutions – how to set goals with your child

Trinity makes a splash at Australian Age Swimming Championships

How to teach boys to say sorry

How mothers can maintain a close bond with their sons through adolescence

Boys and influences: what to do when friendships turn toxic

Encouraging your son to try new things

Trinity AFL team resembles a symphony orchestra

The importance of family support

Friday Night Fever: A true taste of the Arts

My reflections on the benefits of Field Studies

Five ways household chores develop responsibility and worth

Eight tips for helping your son through exam periods

The relevance of NAPLAN in your son's education

Five apps that could benefit your son's learning

Why it's important to pay tribute to the ANZACS

How participation in sport is encouraged at Trinity

Trinity Preparatory School boys wax lyrical

Why boys should be involved in co-curricular activities

Encouraging your son to develop good values

The challenges of school and how I manage them

The benefits of an all-boys education

Trinity’s approach to career planning

Six easy ways to keep your son entertained these Easter holidays

Trinity boys learn the art of selflessness

Trinity Grammar School Teacher in profile - Mark Dunn

How to prepare for an enrolment interview

Students learn about the real world application of mathematics

Why dance should play a role in an all-boys school

Encouraging your son to think before he jumps

Five ways to stay connected with your teenage son

Trinity inaugural Year 7 Geography Camp

Six recommended social media guidelines for your family

Four ways to help your son develop compassion and empathy

Five ways to motivate your son to do his homework

2017 Life Skills programme kicks off at Trinity

Raising your son to respect women

Six valuable life skills boys learn through sport

How involved should you be in your child's education?

Trinity students stayed silent to give Cambodians a voice

How high potential learners are being challenged at Trinity

Five benefits of learning a second language

Trinity's Books at Breakfast events captivate audiences

The role of public speaking in schools

Trinity students immerse themselves in China

Understanding how teenage boys make decisions

Why boys should practise good manners

Four ways to encourage your child to embrace diversity

How to survive your son's first term in Kindergarten

Do you tell it like it is? Balancing praise and honesty

Does a work placement programme give students an edge over others?

The top six benefits of peer support

How parents can support children experiencing bullying

Preparing your son for high school

Ways you can help your pre-schooler learn without them knowing

How to understand the school league table

8 ways to build your child's self-esteem

3 things you should do to prepare your son for school

Examining success: Ability versus perseverance

The facts about the IB Diploma and how it differs from the HSC

Why children need resilience

Preparing boys for life after Year 12

5 reasons why emotional intelligence matters

How to help your primary school son develop life skills

Trinity year in review

How shifts in the global market will impact students of today

Five reasons why winning isn't everything

Key learnings of vocational education participants

The importance of making mistakes

Five reasons why primary school children should learn a new language

Trinity students are set to take over the International Space Station

Trinity highlights of 2016 captured on film

How to keep the kids busy in the lead up to Christmas

The benefits of fieldwork in boys' learning

How students can use pressure to their advantage

Trinity's new state-of-the-art Field Studies Centre officially opened

Trinity student pilots world-first education programme to help voiceless victims of domestic violence

Why boys schools should actively promote respect for women

Trinity's approach to Kindergarten education

12 ways to manage stress during exams

How role-play can impact a child’s development

Remembrance Day at Trinity

The importance of sport in primary school

Our most frequently asked questions at Open Day

Pastoral Care Week at Trinity

Five life skills gained through Army Cadets

Trinity Best of the Best Art Exhibition uncovers a breadth of talent

How international tours can enrich your child's learning

Trinity IB Visual Arts works are a feast for the eyes!

Why active play should be encouraged in and out of the classroom

Trinity snowed under with talent

How controlled risk-taking benefits young children

Tips for helping your child stay mentally fit at exam time

How to recognise depression or anxiety in your child

Why children need bedtime stories

What makes a great teacher?

How to deal with separation anxiety

Trinity Grammar School teacher in profile – Chris Wyatt

Three ways to develop a love of learning in your child

How music enhances a boy's education

7 strategies for limiting your child’s screen time

The importance of celebrating education milestones

Trinity triumphant at the NSW State Knockout volleyball tournament

The benefits of managing extra-curricular activities in senior school

Top 10 facts about music education

Trinity Pre-Kindergarten welcomes young visitors

How relationships are built through sport

When to start looking for schools

How Pre-Kindergarten can make a difference

Trinity students meet the challenge to write a book in a day

How to create a great study environment at home

Why being involved in sport is important to your son's school life

The value of work placement for VET students

Trinity recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Career Development

Creative skills that travel the world

Collaborative art brings students together

The Trinity difference: providing national recognition in leadership

Top six exam preparation tips

Encouraging responsibility from the early years

Why boys need an education in the outdoors

How to help your son improve his learning

Pro tip: How an all boys’ education can benefit your child

How to recognise learning difficulties in children

Pro tip: How to choose the right school for your child

Preparing your son for pre-kindergarten

Year 6 outdoor adventure at Camp Somerset

Why diversity matters in schools

How great school libraries can inspire

Top tips for boarders returning to school

Learn the top 7 fathering techniques

Top tips for holidaying with teenage boys

Educational games for your holiday road trip

Study vs rest: How to find a balanced study schedule during the holidays

Why ethics has a place in education

Sport and academics: how to find the balance

How a school based traineeship could benefit your son

Advantages for choosing private school for kindergarten

How to prepare for parent teacher interviews

Choosing the right school for your son

How fathers can influence their son’s performance

How the pursuit of the creative arts can prepare you for life

Trinity's tilt to Vivid Sydney

Celebrating 20 years of the Arts Festival at Trinity

The da Vinci Decathlon: Unlocking our boys’ creativity

5 ways parents can encourage sons to explore their creativity

Why mastering public speaking is important in education

Trinity student investigates the links between domestic violence and the mistreatment of animals

Why the Arts are important in boys' education

Is the study of music the key to professional success?

Helping your son achieve academic success

Why the study of languages is relevant for boys

How to help your son reach his study personal best

Practical tips for helping your son make subject selections

What to do if your son is being bullied

Trinity students at the forefront of the latest technology advances

How to help your child prepare for NAPLAN

NAPLAN tests: one component of your child's learning

Leadership through cadets: learning opportunities for boys

How to partner with schools when issues arise

Cost versus value: is private school worth it?

How Christianity inspires boys to become great leaders

Why commemorating our Anzacs is important in education

VET courses prepare boys for jobs of the future

Why homework is essential to classroom learning

How to help your son decide between the HSC and IB courses

Local schools come together for Service Week

The value of community service in schools

A school community: what does it mean?

Top study techniques that work for boys

5 boundaries that parents can set to help boys through adolescence

5 benefits to technology in the classroom

How to make the best subject choices for your son

5 benefits to an all boys' education

3 essential questions to ask at parent teacher interviews

7 essential benefits to boarding school

5 Must read books for early readers

How Trinity is leading the way in educational best practice

How you can help your son get the most out of a Trinity education

How to know when to correct reading technique

Top 7 tips to inspire boys to read

The benefits of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at Trinity

Why the creative arts is for all … not just for artists

6 things you need to know about your son’s brain development

Why outdoor education is important for boys

How private education can benefit students

Five tips to help your son settle into Primary School

Why the league tables are not an accurate measure of a Trinity education

How to help your son settle into Middle School

Meeting the social and emotional needs of boys

Why breadth of choice is vital to learning

Why the pursuit of academic excellence matters in schools

Boys and girls have equal opportunities to succeed at school

Why reading is important for boys

How creative skills empower students to engage with humanity

Why movement is important to boys

6 ways parents can protect their child from bullying

Why use technology in the classroom?

How the International Baccalaureate can put your boy on the world stage

Why boys need sport to stay motivated at school

7 ways to improve your son’s learning

How co-curricular activities enhance boys’ education experiences

How physical activity can improve classroom learning

How the study of music in the early years can improve literacy

How to keep your children cyber safe at home

Are lazy and unmotivated boys a myth?

My best advice for parents when selecting a school

Boys’ education must be about the individual boy and not ‘all’ boys

Why art matters for teenage boys

How schools can meet the individual needs of your child

Space matters: How learning environments can improve academic performance

Why parent teacher interviews matter in education

What are the most important elements of education today?

Why homework has a place in education

How to become a great father

Why resilience and independence is important for boys

How important are school libraries in the 21st century?

How to improve your relationship with your son

How to successfully manage risk-taking in boys

8 reasons why Kindergarten at Trinity Grammar School is different

5 reasons why play is important in the early years

How to improve boys’ literacy

7 reasons why a boys’ only education matters

Why Christianity has a place in education

3 Essential benefits to a private education

Why a private education matters in the early years