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Beginnings and endings - advice for Year 12

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Oct 25, 2018 6:00:00 AM

By Deborah Williams, Academic Dean

Beginnings and endings - advice for Year 12As we look ahead to the start of a new academic year in Term 4, for our Year 12 boys this is the beginning of a different phase of learning. Previously, the assessment schedules, lesson timetables and teachers have played a large role in structuring study time. Now, they must step into the responsibility of setting their own goals, managing a revision programme tailored to their particular needs, rotating evenly through the range of subjects they will present for their final credential, and motivating themselves to faithfully commit to this final process of exam preparation. Of course, their teachers are there to advise and suggest, but as they enter a vast period of unstructured time, it is imperative each boy puts into place a deliberate study plan.

That study plan should be informed by the answers to some key questions. My advice for Year 12 students is to think about these questions:

1. What does my pattern of results, across subjects and within subjects, tell me about my areas of strength and needs for additional focus?
All boys should ensure they undertake this analysis.

2. What worked well for me in my Trials preparation?
All boys should ensure they can identify the study techniques, times, locations that enable them to be productive and effective.

3. What do I need to differently in the lead up to my final exams?
If you did not achieve the results you were expecting, look at what will you change in this coming preparation phase.

4. What are my approaches to keeping myself well and healthy and how will I integrate these times into my study plan?
Many students will be able to undertake this analysis independently, and others will need to ensure they make time to speak with teachers and House Masters and other staff who can assist them in answering these kinds of questions. Our wish is for every Year 12 boy to both enjoy the ending of one phase of School life, and ensure he is well equipped for beginning the final, largely independent phase, of exam preparation.

Our mission at Trinity Grammar School is to provide a thoroughly Christian education for boys from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, imparting knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, and recognising the importance of spiritual qualities in every sphere of learning.

Trinity’s Pastoral Care guidelines focus on the fundamentals of good parenting — providing both care and discipline — enabling boys to grow into self-confident, trustworthy and resilient young men. Combined with an ongoing partnership between the School and home, your son will thrive in a consistent, caring and nurturing environment.

Our Life Skills Programme is part of a whole School approach to health and wellbeing. In conjunction with the development of ethical, moral and religious values, its goal is to enhance boys’ capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially competent.

To learn more about the Trinity difference, and how we support boys’ mental health through the demands of Year 12, download our Year 12 Life Skills Programme.

Trinity's Year 12 life skills programme download

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