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Educational games for your holiday road trip

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Educational games for your holiday road tripRoad trips can be a great time to bond as a family, but they can also lead to boredom – especially in younger children. Games can help to pass the time and provide an opportunity to engage and interact together as a family.

To encourage learning, even in the holidays, Trinity Grammar School recommends playing games that help children to think creatively and to discover new information.

Here are 6 educational games that we recommend for your next holiday road trip:

1. Storytelling
Start a story off with one sentence – it can be about anything. Then take turns to add a sentence to the story. This encourages your children to think creatively and use their imagination.

2. Guess Who?
Think of someone that everyone in your family knows – it could be a family member, friend or a celebrity. Then someone else in your family is allowed 20 questions to work out who the person is.

3. ‘Let’s Google It!’
As you are driving on your journey, you are bound to drive through towns that your children and yourself might have never seen before. You might also see historical or interesting landmarks along the way. If you have access to your phone, Google search the towns or the landmarks and tell your family interesting facts about them.

4. I’m going on a picnic
A great memory game that can engage the whole family is ‘I’m going on a picnic’. The first family member says ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…’ something beginning with A, such as apples. The second player repeats the statement, followed by what the first person said and then adds something that begins with B. This continues throughout the rest of the alphabet. If someone forgets then they are ‘out’. The last person left is considered to be the winner.

5. Anagram License Plates
Take it in turns to make phrases out of the letters that you see on number plates. This is a simple game but can be fun for the whole family.

6. I Spy
Although this game has been around for decades, it is still very popular and relevant today. Someone needs to ‘spy’ something inside or outside the car (decide which when you start the game) and let everyone else know what letter it begins with. Everyone else takes turns in guessing until someone gets the correct answer. This encourages younger children to notice their surroundings and learn the alphabet.

We recommend that the game that you choose doesn’t get too competitive. Only play the games for as long as it is fun for the whole family – switch it up with another game if it seems that your family are no longer engaging.

Learning does not have to be limited to the classroom. In fact, at Trinity Grammar School we recognise that learning takes place in all aspects of life.

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