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Eight tips for helping your son through exam periods

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on May 3, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Eight tips for helping your son through exam periodsExams provide an opportunity for your son to demonstrate his knowledge. They assess his learning, and provide necessary information about areas for improvement. While exams are a necessity, they can be tough – tough on your son and tough on your family.

Study skills are vital to independent learning. However, maintaining balance and ensuring a positive experience are key. Below are our eight top tips for helping your son through exam periods: 

1. Plan 
Encourage your son to start each day/week/month with a plan for how he will use his time. Assist him in creating a timetable and sticking to it, allocating time to study, exercise, relax, eat, sleep and play.

2. Prepare
Preparation is the key to working efficiently and maximising time spent studying. Encourage your son to summarise daily work and store notes appropriately. Prepare well in advance of examination periods, leaving enough time to address all coursework thoroughly – encourage him not to leave revision until the last minute.

3. Have an organised study area
Help your son stay organised by decluttering his study area. Encourage him to have designated places (whether on the computer or in his room) for specific learning areas and remove unnecessary information and clutter.

4. Take time out
Encourage your son to take time out and enjoy being young. Kick a footy, go for a swim, watch a movie or simply spend time with mates. This time is incredibly important to revitalise the mind and will help him focus when he hits the books.

5. Eat 
Ensure your son is eating fresh, unprocessed food regularly. A healthy diet is fundamental for cognitive function which assists memory and academic performance.

6. Sleep 
It is vital that your son has enough sleep to recharge his body, mind and spirit. Aim for eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Sleep is food for the brain and without enough of it, your son will experience negative impacts on his emotions, stress levels and academic performance. 

7. Exercise
Exercise produces endorphins, helping your son to feel happy, and relieves the effects of stress. Exercise increases energy, assists with sleep, promotes concentration and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. Even if it is just a casual kick of footy in the park, exercise provides a break from the books, time in the fresh air and a laugh with mates. 

8. Practice mindfulness meditation
Research has shown that mindfulness training has a significant impact on the shape, activity and wiring of the brain. Benefits can include increased happiness, wellbeing and working memory capacity which assists boys to attain, store, remember and release information.

Following these tips for helping your son through exam periods will assist in maintaining balance for your son and your family.

At Trinity Grammar School every boy is known, cared for and guided to grow in mind, body and spirit and we provide an extensive range of world class educational programmes.  Our Study Plus programme gives students the opportunity to share a meal with the boarding community and receive academic mentoring from Old Boys, under the supervision of Library and teaching staff.

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