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Embracing diversity and educating the whole boy

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 20, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Embracing diversity and educating the whole boyTrinity Grammar School, situated in Sydney’s inner west, is a vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural, multi-faith boys’ school that has its foundations in the Anglican tradition. Established over 100 years ago, the School was originally founded for children of Anglican families in what was then known as the western suburbs. As Sydney has grown and changed, so too has Trinity.

Whilst remaining true to the aims and values of the Founder, who intended for the School to provide a thoroughly Christian, liberal, grammar school education, Trinity has grown and diversified – it is this diversity that is one of the School’s most valued attributes in the 21st century.

Trinity is about embracing diversity and educating the whole boy, with a focus on academic excellence. The School frequently uses the metaphor of the Trinity Triangle to emphasise the triune aims of nurturing the mind, body and spirit of its boys and young men. The aim is to nurture boys to become men of integrity, character and empathy.

The School offers an extraordinary array of opportunities for boys and young men, both in the classroom and through the co-curricular programme, partly in response to the changing educational landscape, partly because of the diverse interests of the boys and families of Trinity, and partly because of its ongoing commitment to educating boys to become men of substance who make a positive contribution to the world beyond the school gates.

Trinity is a comprehensive, non-academically selective, boys’ school and offers multiple educational pathways. In the Higher School Certificate and International Baccalaureate, the traditional matriculation courses, its outstanding results speak for themselves. But university may not be for every boy, and so Trinity also offers vocational programmes and work placements for senior students.

Because the School is committed to a well-rounded educational experience, boys may choose from a wide range of sporting and co-curricular activities that include AFL, Basketball, Cadets, Cricket, Debating, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Football, the Marching Band, Oratory, the Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Wind Band, Rugby, Tennis, Visual Arts, Volleyball, Water Polo and a plethora of other choices. Every boy, regardless of his interests, has an opportunity to flourish. For the same reason Trinity regularly sends boys on overseas sporting and cultural tours and exchanges to China, the United States of America, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe as well as hosting visiting overseas students and teachers.

However, it is in the education of the spirit that Trinity’s raison d’etre comes to the fore. Educating for future education opportunity, providing a breadth of educational experiences and fostering talent is important, but helping boys grow into manhood, helping them become good sons, fathers, partners, brothers, friends and leaders with a strong set of values and beliefs is the School’s most fundamental purpose. Trinity does not indoctrinate, but it actively and deliberately encourages the biblical virtues of humility, empathy, service to others and aims to give boys the confidence to stand up for what they believe.

To learn more about the Trinity difference and to discover why it is one of Sydney’s leading schools for boys, download our Prospectus.

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