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Finding a co-curricular activity to suit your son

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Finding a co-curricular activity to suit your sonSoccer? Piano? Swimming? Debating? Cadets? Ceramics? Drama? Scouts? 

With so many fantastic opportunities, it can be somewhat overwhelming finding a co-curricular activity to suit your son.

At Trinity, we believe that learning travels far beyond the classroom walls. Co-curricular activities are essential to growing well-rounded boys, building their self-confidence and further enhancing their connection to the School.

For this reason, Trinity Grammar School provides an extensive range of co-curricular activities for your son to discover and develop his God-given skills and talents.

The compulsory Co-Curricular Programme features activities that are aimed at developing important skills in leadership, communication, performance, creativity, decision-making, cooperation and service. 

Further to this, boys can choose co-curricular activities that inspire them; however, choosing the right activity needn’t be a daunting experience. Below are a few ideas on how you can help.

1. Help your son discover what he is passionate about
It is important that your son feels passionate or at least positive about his decisions. If he is unsure about the activity he has chosen, encourage him to look at other options. Committing to an activity for a term can be very painful for all involved, if your son does not enjoy the activity.

2. Do some research
Do some research and provide your son with information about the co-curricular opportunities on offer. Include information about what is involved, expectations, and what the course could lead to. Remind your son to consider his work load and whether he has the capacity to dedicate his time and energy to the given activity.

3. Test the waters during the school holidays
If your son is unsure about tennis, chess or cadets (to name a few) organise a few ‘trials’ over the school holidays. Take him to the local tennis club for a few lessons, have a chat with some students who have participated in the cadets’ programme or play a few games of chess.

4. Ask - what is the long-term benefit?
Ask your son to think about the short and long term benefits of the activity he is considering. Is it something he would like to continue in the future? Will it provide him with skills he can use elsewhere? These questions will encourage him to think more deeply about the activity.

5. Consider friendships
While it is important to consider your son’s friends and what they are choosing, it should not be the only factor you and your son consider when Co-curricular activities are chosen.

From Creative Arts and Sport to Debating and Cadets, Co-curricular Activities at Trinity Grammar School are vital in developing boys’ mind, body and spirit and giving them self-confidence and a sense of belonging. They are also a lot of fun and if your son can find a Co-curricular activity he is passionate about, he will enjoy it even more and will reap the benefits.

Music is just one of our Co-curricular activities on offer. To learn more about our Music Programme download our Music ebook.

Trinity's Music Programme

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