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Five apps that could benefit your son's learning

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Five apps that could benefit your son's learningMany students have access to some sort of mobile viewing device. It may be an iPad, iPhone or an Android device. Many of these devices support a variety of different applications and understandably, parents often see them as big distractions to students who are supposed to be studying. However, there are many apps that can actually benefit your son’s learning. When you take a good look at what is available, you’ll be surprised to find a huge number of apps designed to assist in all aspects of your child’s learning.

Below are five apps that could benefit your son's learning:

1. Kidspiration Maps
Kidspiration Maps is a simple but effective way to introduce your children to mind mapping. Using tools like venn diagrams and mind maps, your son can visualise his learning and improve his comprehension. For older students, Inspiration Maps offers increased functionality and features to assist with their learning. Both are best used on an iPad.

2. Wordflex
An English dictionary and thesaurus that takes the traditional dictionary a step further. Discover synonyms, antonyms, meanings, related phrases, word roots and much more. The big difference comes in the way the information is presented as Wordflex uses interactive mind maps to display information and is very intuitive and easy to use. Wordflex is only available on iPad.

3. School A to Z
The NSW Department of Education has produced a school app not only for students, but also for parents. The School A to Z app guides parents in how to support their children through homework with definitions, tips and tricks and other helpful resources. There are also some simple spelling and maths games for students to play independently. This app is designed for Apple and Android devices.

4. Wolfram Alpha
From complex maths equations and graphs, to chemical reactions and solutions, Wolfram Alpha is a know-it-all search app that steps through solutions and covers an incredible range of topics. Wolfram Alpha is available on multiple platforms.

5. Khan Academy: You can learn anything
If you only look at one app on this list, ensure it is this one. The Khan Academy started with Salmon Khan making short instructional videos for his cousins to view on YouTube and has ended up as a big business helping students across the globe. You can find incredibly detailed instructional videos and other resources on almost any school subject. The app is available through GooglePlay and iTunes.

There are thousands of apps that can be used to solve problems and assist with homework. The apps in this list represent a positive shift in the digitalisation of education and are a great example of the learning opportunities provided to us by advances in mobile technology.

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