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Five tips for sparking your son's interest in science

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 20, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Five tips for sparking your son's interest in scienceChildren have a natural curiosity, eager to learn about the world around them.  Our challenge is to nurture their curiosity so they explore and question their environment, learn to problem solve, and see the links between cause and effect in all aspects of life.

While some children are born with a scientific mind driven by finding out how things work, others may need some support to embrace the sciences.

So how do you inspire your son to embrace science? Below are our five simple tips:

1. Encourage him to ask questions and find answers
Children have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They ask for explanations about everything and anything, which can at times be challenging for parents. If your son asks a question you cannot answer, ask him, “What do you think is the answer?” This will encourage him to come up with his own theories. Then, encourage him to find the right answer with your assistance - research, investigate or interview those who can help.

2. Teach him about the world’s inspirational scientists
Whether it is Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Peggy Whitson or Elizabeth Blackburn, teach your son about some of the amazing scientists that have changed the world. Work with him to investigate how they became scientists and how their passion for science has affected the world.

3. Make science fun
Enjoy taking part in science investigations with your son. You can do this by performing simple chemistry or physics experiments using common household items – the internet is full of home experiment ideas (think homemade slime or straw structures for example). Further afield, coding and gaming challenges, science exhibits in the local community or an evening at an astronomy centre can further develop his interest in science. By showing your son that science can be fun, you will assist in igniting his interest in this learning area.

4. Take something apart 
If you have an old bike at home or even a toy, work with your son to take it apart. Investigate the inner workings of the item and once you have pulled it apart, try to reconstruct it. Children love dismantling and reconstructing things.

5. Follow your son’s lead
If your son is interested in dinosaurs, investigate them together. Take him to museum exhibitions, watch documentaries and have fun learning about dinosaurs. Follow his lead and focus on his interests.

Everything has a link to science, you just need to find it! Sparking your son's interest in science can be as simple as encouraging his appetite for knowledge, taking toys apart or simply nurturing his interests. Children are young explorers. They are eager to learn about the world and simply need encouragement to do so.

Trinity Grammar School has an outstanding Science programme with facilities for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology challenges. To learn more about Trinity Grammar School, and how the IB Diploma can inspire your son’s inner scientist, download our IB Diploma brochure.

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