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5 Tips to communicate successfully with your son's teachers

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Five tips to communicate successfully with your son's teachersTeachers play a significant role in your son’s life. Your son spends almost half his waking hours with his teachers. They fulfil many roles including educator, motivator, role model, care giver, mentor and much more. 

School educators can give you another perspective on your son’s mental, physical, social and emotional health and they can have a huge impact on his success at school and beyond. 

Communication is the key to all relationships. Here are our five tips to communicate successfully with your son's teachers.

1. Get to know each other
Introduce yourself at the beginning of the year and make time to attend parent information sessions, parent helper days and special events. Where possible, share conversations with your son’s teachers and offer support where you can. By building relationships and opening the lines of communication, information can be shared more fluidly.

2. Share your ideas
You know your son better than anyone, so share your knowledge with his teachers. Provide useful information on his likes and dislikes and what makes him ‘tick’. This information will be extremely useful when you son’s teachers are planning learning experiences.

3. Make time to talk
If you have a worry or issue you need to discuss, make an appointment to see your son’s teachers. Impromptu meetings before and after school are not ideal, as teachers may not have the information they need to address the situation. It is also important that you can all focus, one hundred percent, on the needs of your son. This may not be possible if other students and parents are also vying for the teacher’s attention.

4. Be open to learning new things about your son
A child’s behaviour can change quite dramatically when he is in a new environment or with different people. Be open to learning new things about your son, whether they are positive or negative. Listen and learn. If you are unhappy about what you hear, don’t get defensive, find out more. 

5. Work together
Consider you and your son’s teachers as a team working together to help your son reach his full potential.  If there is a problem at home or at school, speak with your son’s teachers. If teachers implement a programme at school, support this by continuing with the programme at home, if possible. By working together, you will create a more fluid learning environment for your son.

Parents play a vital role in our school community. Communicating successfully with your son’s teachers can have a great impact on your son’s experiences in the classroom and your experience at school. Open the lines of communication early and make an effort to be in contact regularly. 

A Trinity education seeks to engage the mind, body and spirit of each boy. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic education seeks to nurture and encourage each boy to realise his unique potential, passions and purpose in life. To find out how Trinity can support your son, download our prospectus.

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