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How to survive your son's first term in Kindergarten

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 2, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Four tips on how to survive your son's first term in KindergartenThe idea of your son starting school can be a daunting thought. It’s not only a new chapter for your son, but a new chapter for you as well. It is understandable that this new experience can provide you with new challenges, worries and fears but there are things you can do to help you get through your first term as a parent.

Here are our four top tips on how to survive your son's first term in Kindergarten.

1. Meet with other parents
There are other parents who are going through exactly what you are experiencing. Sharing experiences and making friendships with other parents can be a great way to help dispel each other's worries and encourage one another at the same time. It is always comforting to hear that there are other parents experiencing the same feelings as you, and this will help you to rationalise your concerns and hopefully move past them. Speaking with other parents also enables you to discover what other boys are saying to their parents and this may help you to see that your son is not the only one who is afraid or nervous about school. 

2. Label everything
This may seem obvious, but it is still worth the reminder. Lunch boxes, jumpers, hats, pencil cases and anything else that can be owned and lost by your son deserves a label. There are so many school necessities that can easily be lost, so to avoid buying a new lunch box every few months, make sure school staff can identify your son's property.

3. Set good routines early on
Getting your son into positive school routines in the early days of their education will make your life much easier down the track. Enforcing a structured 'before school' routine will ensure that he develops good habits that will hopefully last the rest of his life. A 'night before' routine can also be helpful in preparing your son for the following day. Obviously you can't expect your kindergarten-aged son to get ready for school autonomously, but at the very least, a routine helps him to know what to expect.

4. Trust in the teachers
It may have been a while since you experienced kindergarten, but your son's teachers are still living it. They see all the problems the boys face, fears they have and joys they experience. They know how to properly teach and encourage young boys in their development and education, how to best control them and how to appropriately discipline them when required. There comes a point where, no matter how prepared you are, you just have to let go and trust in the ability of your son's teachers. 

Your son's first term at school might be a challenge as you are both taking a step into the unknown and learning together. By applying these four simple tips you can significantly reduce the understandable challenges that you will experience as a parent of a kindergarten student, and also help encourage other parents in the process. The challenges are often offset by incredible moments as you witness your son achieving many 'firsts' – don't forget to celebrate these!

At Trinity Grammar School, we recognise the significant milestone that is the commencement of your son's education journey. To find out if your son is ready for a Kindergarten education at Trinity, download our Kindergarten Ready document.

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