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Four ways to encourage your child to embrace diversity

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 8, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Four ways to encourage your child to embrace diversityAs this week marks World Interfaith Harmony Week, it is important to acknowledge this and encourage your child to appreciate diversity in our society, in all its forms. At Trinity Grammar School we believe it is valuable for boys to understand and appreciate different religions, cultures, and values.

There are many ways you can encourage your child to embrace diversity, taking inspiration from World Interfaith Harmony week. Here are just four suggestions:

1. Learn
Learning about different religions uncovers the history and beliefs of a culture and shows how they relate to people in the modern world. Educating your child about different religions will give them a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beliefs of other children at their school, making them more tolerant of differences. Similarly, learning another language is a great way for children to immerse themselves in a country’s culture and broaden their world view and interests.

2. See 
Exposure to a culture will build greater awareness of its beliefs, customs and ways of life. Visiting a museum or art gallery is a great way to see a culture visually and give it meaning. Reading a book has the ability to convey the sights, smells, feelings and thoughts of a culture and its people from a new frame of reference. Volunteering for community activities or events is another way to observe a culture in action, establish social connections and build relationships based on understanding.

3. Experience 
Often the best way for your child to understand something is to experience it firsthand. Travel is the obvious and most effective way to do this. Closer to home, cultural diversity can be experienced through something as simple as attending local cultural events (eg Chinese New Year celebrations) and tasting different cuisines and hearing different music. It’s an exciting and interactive way for your whole family to immerse themselves in a particular culture and share the experience together.

4. Hear
Music from other cultures can also uncover the philosophy of a culture in a unique and effortless way and can give your child a new appreciation of different genres and languages. There are many movies that celebrate other cultures and religions and provide valuable insight into the way others live.

Diversity ignites curiosity, appreciation and tolerance of those around us. It can influence and expand your child’s view of the world. Encouraging children to embrace diversity will develop and enhance their critical thinking, allowing them to question their own beliefs and diminish judgement and stereotyping – paving the way for unity and harmony.

Trinity Grammar School is proud of its diverse mix of religions and cultures amongst its staff and students. Offering an outstanding Christian holistic education Trinity has guided boys to grow in mind, body and spirit for over a century. To stay in touch with school news and to learn more about the Trinity difference, sign up to our enewsletter.

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