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How creative skills can enhance academic results

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Nov 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM

How creative skills can enhance academic resultsSir Kenneth Robinson, British author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts, made a powerful point that many students in school today will get jobs that haven’t even been created yet. Although he made this point over ten years ago, it is as valid today as it was then.

Learning a specific skill set doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. However, learning to be more creative, and thus adaptable, is what prepares students for life during and after school.

Many of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world adopt the 20 percent rule – the commitment to allowing employees to devote 20 percent of their work time to thinking creatively and exploring new ideas.

Creativity is no longer seen as just being for artists and musicians, but a crucial skill for everybody to master. Here are five ways that creative skills can enhance academic results:

  • Communication
    Creativity is all about communication, be it aural, visual, verbal or physical, and strong communication skills are key to succeeding academically, in the workplace and in personal interactions.
  • Realising unique potential
    In the creative space, students try to constantly and consistently hone, improve, and create, which naturally spreads to their academic, sporting and social performance. In fact, studies regularly show that students who participate in the Creative Arts achieve greater results in other key learning areas, whilst realising their unique potential.
  • Team work
    Like in any sport, collaborating to create art develops emotional and social maturity, as well as friendships, empathy, confidence and tolerance.
  • Perseverance
    To perfect any skill it must be practised, reviewed and refined, which occurs regularly in the Creative Arts and can be readily transferred to sport or academia.
  • Emotional development
    The Creative Arts improve cognitive, social, motor, emotional and language development, as well as teaching boys how to ‘bounce back’ from constructive criticism. All critical in life and academia.
  • Problem solving
    To be an effective problem solver, you need to be able to look at a problem from several perspectives. Creativity promotes this type of thinking, which helps boys to make on the spot decisions and think critically – skills which can impact academic results.
  • Time management
    The saying “if you want something done ask a busy person” springs to mind. Research proves that students who manage a busy schedule are more efficient and accomplish more with their time, as well as being more adaptable and creative, making their study time more effective.

At Trinity the Creative Arts provide a place where boys can learn to develop their unique voice and express who they are. It is a place where they can learn to be critical and receptive, passionate and patient, confident and aware. Trinity students enjoy a wealth of opportunities to learn and apply creativity skills in all facets of their education.

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