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How fathers can influence their son’s performance

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How fathers can influence their son's performanceFathers have a significant influence on their son’s education as well as their overall development. Boys benefit significantly from a strong and positive parental influence.

Here are 5 ways fathers can influence their son’s performance in a positive way:

1. Stay engaged
Know what your son is learning about at school, what activities he is participating in and what is happening in his social group. Give him time to speak to you about his day and pay attention to him when he does so.

2. Be encouraging
Encourage your son to try his hardest and do his best. Let him know that this is what makes you proud. When you know that he has a test coming up, follow up afterwards to see how he went and what feedback he received. Provide constructive feedback on how he can improve next time. 

3. Spend time together
Spend time going for walks together, playing a board game or doing something else interactive that you both enjoy. Although some families enjoy watching television together, don’t use this as your quality time together. Choose something where conversation and interaction is encouraged. Schedule it in and where possible, stick to this commitment.

4. Maintain a routine
Ensure that your son has a routine each evening. This should include a nutritious dinner, homework, free time and a reasonable bed time. Keep television and internet use to a minimum and encourage reading or another offline activity.

5. Apply learning in everyday activities
Be creative and find ways to involve learning in everyday activities. These will change depending on a child’s age and learning abilities but it could include a trip to your local hardware store to add up the costs of items, calculate discounts and handle money. If you get stuck or want more suggestions, speak to your son’s teacher. They will be able to think of helpful suggestions of ways to incorporate learning into your son’s everyday life.

By staying engaged and being a main source of encouragement in your son’s life, you will be able to positively influence both his learning and overall development.

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