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How international tours can enrich your child's learning

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Oct 28, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How international tours can enrich your child's learningInternational travel is about more than just gaining exposure to different countries and cultures, it can help your child soar to new heights. Whether academic, sport, service or arts related, school international tours can enrich your child's learning in many direct and indirect ways. Here we explore just a few of the benefits.

Exposure to a different way of life and culture
Whether touring Europe, the United States, Asia or another far flung country, your child will experience a different way of life. Apart from language differences, each country has their own particular nuances, events, beliefs, attitudes, customs, and rules which your child becomes exposed to and immersed in - even in English-speaking countries. As your child steps out of their comfort zone, the opportunities for learning are extended. Horizons are broadened and your child breaks free of cultural-centric thinking, developing ideas that stem from the unfamiliar. Exposure to differing cultural values and norms helps your child to understand international affairs and alter their perspective. These life lessons which are virtually impossible to replicate in the school or home environment, give your child valuable skills that they can use throughout their school and working career.

Enhances a sense of adventure and independence
Learning to navigate a new environment, meeting new people and experiencing new things enhances your child’s sense of adventure and fosters independence. Before even reaching the destination, simply by leaving the family and comforts of home, your child is taking a brave step into the unknown. It can be as simple as trying an unfamiliar food, or as complex as navigating new public transport systems - perseverance and resilience will be your child’s travel companions. Coming home having adapted to a new environment or even flourished in it, gives your child confidence and courage that positively impacts their self-esteem long into the future.

Build relationships and forge friendships
Your child will likely meet many people on their international tour whether it be local teachers, opponents in sporting teams, musicians they collaborate with, or even families they are billeted with. They will form new friendships that span the cultural divide and broaden your child’s sphere of influence. Some of these friendships may even go on to be life-long.

Closer to home, your son will experience life with their peers and teachers in new environments and situations. They will spend many hours together and learn new things about one another. International tours can lead to new friendships and can strengthen existing ones as experiences and memories are shared. Team bonds are also fortified, whether it be a sporting team, music ensemble or any other group.

The interaction between teachers and students in an environment outside of the school grounds, develops relationships on a new level and the benefits can translate into the classroom with a positive impact on your child’s learning.

Immersion in language
As globalisation becomes synonymous with business, learning a second or even third language can help your child’s future employment prospects. It is one thing to learn languages theoretically in the classroom, but quite another to be fully immersed in the culture and language of a country, where your child must quickly adapt and put the theory into practice.

Provide opportunities for meaningful service
International tours can involve voluntary work to assist less fortunate people. Not only does this help your child to appreciate their home comforts, it teaches them about service to others through direct and indirect means. Your child will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and take action, and just as importantly, advocate on behalf of people in need in order to inspire others to assist. This requires genuine understanding and empathy.

At Trinity Grammar School students are taught that diversity does not always present itself at the gates of the School and that they must seek out opportunities to immerse themselves in its richness. Our students are given the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to understand homelessness in a global context, or take part in international sporting tours, which apart from providing all the benefits of cultural immersion, can also include elements of a charitable nature.

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