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How participation in sport is encouraged at Trinity

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 21, 2017 6:00:00 AM

How participation in sport is encouragedAt Trinity Grammar School we aim to educate boys in mind, body and spirit with the focus being on academic education. Sport however, is not simply an adjunct to each boy’s education, but an integral part of it. Sport assists boys to develop important attributes of their character, and fosters respectful relationships and integrity.

The focus is on creating an environment that promotes physical and mental development, and encourages effort with fierce but fair competition. While achieving one’s personal best is encouraged – and winning is celebrated as a pleasant outcome of hard work – the emphasis is placed on engagement, enjoyment, the process of the task, development and learning for all boys.

At Trinity, teachers and coaches aim to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in which all boys can participate in sport no matter their age, size or ability. Every boy at Trinity is encouraged to participate in competitive sport and is given the opportunity to be part of a team, should he wish to be involved.

A focus on fun and fundamentals is the emphasis throughout, for all levels and ages. In addition, boys are provided with opportunities – on the field and in training – to cultivate the development of strategic thinking, namely through technical and tactical emphasis. By teaching them, and developing their skills in an environment where they are encouraged and rewarded for effort rather than just skill, boys are more likely to enjoy participating and learning a sport without fear of letting their team, teacher, or themselves down. Trinity boys are encouraged to learn from mistakes and to persevere in a supportive environment where measured risk-taking is seen as a positive.  

Trinity offers a great variety of sports and allows students access to tremendous physical resources and wonderfully astute teachers and coaches who understand how to engage boys and motivate them in their skill and character development.

Our Fundamental and Active Skills At Trinity (FAST) programme at the Preparatory and Junior Schools – focuses on developing fundamental movement skills (FMS) proficiency at an early age. The FMS programme is the foundation for all sport movement. Age appropriate proficiency in the FMS programme has been shown to lift exercise adherence, confidence and self-esteem.

Student sporting success and sportsmanship are celebrated within the Trinity community with recognition through various publications, assemblies and awards and is just another way that demonstrates how participation in sport is encouraged at Trinity.

Trinity Grammar School has been educating boys for over a century and we know what boys need to truly flourish and succeed. With sport playing a major role in their education, boys are taught to lose with dignity and win with grace. To experience the Trinity difference for yourself, register to attend our Open Day.

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