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How Pre-Kindergarten can make a difference

Posted by Kerrie Sigston on Sep 6, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How Pre-Kindergarten can make a differenceWhy Trinity's Pre-Kindergarten is different to preschool or long day care

There are so many choices available to parents when considering the year before Kindergarten, the first formal year of school. Some boys have the opportunity to be cared for by family members, or in situations where parents both work, boys will spend time in child care centres or preschools. Some parents choose to combine these two care options.

Pre-Kindergarten at Trinity is a specialised option that should be considered for many beneficial reasons. It is an integral part of the Trinity Grammar School community and acts as a both a bridge, and foundation year between conventional preschool or long day care and Kindergarten.

Pre-Kindergarten can make a difference. It offers a well-structured programme providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that nurture, stimulate and challenge young boys aged 4 and 5. The mind, body and spirit of each child is recognised with experiences extending the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of each boy.

There are many reasons why Pre-Kindergarten is important.

At Trinity, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organisation forms the core curriculum framework for Pre-Kindergarten. We work towards Early Stage One outcomes (NSW Board of Studies), adopting four PYP units of Inquiry as the basis of the Pre-Kindergarten programme, giving the boys the means to learn about their world.

The Pre-Kindergarten programme recognises the importance of play as a natural activity allowing the boys to learn as they make meaning of the world around them. Through play, our boys learn to represent their ideas in many forms as well as developing social skills by communicating, co-operating, sharing, caring and negotiating.  Teachers in Pre-Kindergarten value, encourage, and participate in the daily play activities with the boys.

Literacy and numeracy experiences are integrated into the units of Inquiry and play-based opportunities. Literacy and numeracy concepts are subtly woven into a number of different learning environments, and are also taught explicitly in skill based/focused learning activities.

Boys in Pre-Kindergarten attend classes taught by specialist teachers in Music, Sport Skills, Library and Christian Studies which take place in purpose built facilities on the campus. A Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Educational Psychologist are also available as consultants for Pre-Kindergarten boys in need of support.

The Pre-Kindergarten section of the Preparatory School in Strathfield is a spacious, well-lit, flexible, and multi-purpose space which links effectively with the ground floor facilities, joined by a large, enclosed outdoor learning and play environment.

A generous staff to student ratio is maintained and experienced and dedicated teachers are supported by teacher aides to deliver the daily programme.  Teachers are available during mornings and afternoons to assist parents with questions and discuss the progress of individual boys. 

Pre-Kindergarten provides boys with the unique opportunity to participate in many whole of School events including; assemblies, book parades, walk-a-thon, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services, and the Trinity Fiesta.  The boys also participate in Chapel Services and Sports Carnivals with the Infants (Kindergarten to Year 2) section of the School.

The most important aspect of the Pre-Kindergarten year is that it teaches the boys how to learn, and prepares them for the school environment for an easy, less stressful transition. In particular, it gives the boys time to:

  • learn about School expectations, routines and daily transitions
  • develop self–help skills and independence
  • develop social skills and relationships with peers and staff
  • explore the School environment and know where things are
  • meet and interact with boys in other year groups
  • learn what it means to be a Trinity boy
  • learn how to wear the uniform
  • learn through play!

Pre-Kindergarten is a very important year for parents also. It gives parents the opportunity to develop relationships with other parents early, and develop a social network and informal support system where, together they will share in the wonderful experiences that await their boys as they move through the School.

Pre-Kindergarten at Trinity is a unique educational choice that does make a difference. Trinity boys transition into their Kindergarten year with a confidence, knowledge and understanding that only Pre-Kindergarten can provide.

For more information about the early learning opportunities at Trinity, please download our Pre-Kindergarten brochure here:

Trinity pre-kindergarten prospectus download

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