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How to help your son decide between the HSC and IB courses

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 7, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How to help your son decide between the HSC and IB coursesTrinity Grammar School is fortunate to be a school large enough to offer two alternative programmes to cater for the different needs and interests of boys in the Senior School.

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) are programmes with integrity and rigour; and while the courses have much in common, there are important differences. We believe it is on the basis of these differences that boys, with their parents, should make their choice.

To make it easier for you to decide between the HSC and IB courses, here are both at a glance:

HSC at a glance

  • Offers entry to virtually all post-school opportunities.
  • Well-recognised university entry credential.
  • Has reasonable currency internationally, while also being a worthwhile school exit credential.
  • Offers a breadth which accommodates serious academic study as well as highly focused vocational study.
  • Opportunity for considerable specialisation.
  • Opportunity to discontinue some subjects in Year 12 (13 units in Year 11 can be reduced to 10 units in Year 12).
  • Within the HSC framework, students can undertake the TVAC pathway.
  • Flexibility to complete the credential over a period of up to five years.

IB at a glance

  • Taught in many different nations making it international in the truest sense.
  • Syllabuses are developed by educators from around the world and examinations are marked internationally.
  • Internationally accepted credential, understood by Australian and most universities around the world.
  • Mandates a breadth of study which some students find desirable. Foreign language study is mandatory. So too are English, Mathematics, an experimental Science and a humanities subject.
  • More about process than content.
  • Study the Theory of Knowledge course; students understand the epistemological underpinnings of knowledge and develop their critical faculties regarding information.
  • Accommodates those boys who may, during Years 11 and 12, move overseas to continue their studies; or boys who come to us from other nations, having already commenced IB studies.
  • Provides a set of international benchmarks against which to measure our achievement as a school. While we are justly proud of Australian education, the ever increasing international competitiveness of our world demands that we be vigilant about the standards we reach. The IB offers highly credible standards which, in being met at Trinity, offer a guarantee of quality to the education offered to all our boys.

Independent schools are all about offering choice. When it comes to making a choice between HSC or IB there is no wrong answer. The decision should take into account a student’s interests and which course is better suited to them. Both courses offer rich opportunities for learning. 

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