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How to make the best subject choices for your son

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Mar 10, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How to make the best subject choices for your sonSubject choices can be complex, particularly for Year 10 boys faced with decisions and options surrounding their future career prospects.

To equip parents and students with the knowledge to feel secure in their subject selections, Trinity Grammar School holds detailed information evenings for Year 7 boys and Year 10 boys and their parents. On these evenings, families have the opportunity to hear information on subject options together, and may take advantage of the many staff who will be available to offer information and advice.

The key point often considered is: Does my son have a career goal in mind?

Some students have their sights set on a clear career choice or occupation early on, while others may be undecided. There can be a tendency for students to feel pressure and anxiety when it comes to selecting the subjects that will affect their future, but the best solution is to inform yourself as a family and consider all options.

If a boy is adamant he wants to be a lawyer, teaching staff can certainly recommend the related subjects to take, but it’s important that students first have a thorough understanding of all the aspects of their chosen field. This includes not only looking at the required academic results, but also a student’s past performance in related subjects and whether or not the future course topics will interest them.

It is normal for students to feel conflicted or indecisive about a career choice. A Year 10 boy is still years away from finishing school, and thoughts about their future career prospects can be daunting. Selecting a broad range of subjects that a student enjoys is an effective method. This could include subjects across English, Maths, Science, Language, the Arts or Humanities, for instance.

Ultimately, students are often more likely to succeed in a subject they enjoy, as they will have the motivation, commitment and desire to excel, as opposed to taking a subject because they think it might lead to a good job. At Trinity, we are committed to providing the information families need to know when it comes to choosing subjects for your son’s future.

To learn more about how Trinity is able to address the needs of individual boys, download our prospectus.

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