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How Trinity is leading the way in educational best practice

Posted by Jason Cheers on Feb 26, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How Trinity is leading the way in educational best practiceTrinity has a strong commitment to academic excellence and nurturing its students’ growth at all levels of their education. We were recently accepted to participate in a collaborative Community of Practice, along with 15 other schools from around NSW, focussed on lifting learning outcomes for high potential students. The project is titled ‘ELEVATE’ and has been initiated by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, supported by strategic partnerships with the UK-based Innovation Unit and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). 

ELEVATE is a multi-year programme of work focusing on designing and implementing educational best practices to address the learning needs of high potential learners, including gifted learners. The impetus for ELEVATE stems from growing concerns across the country about the underperformance of the top 40% of Australian learners, substantiated by national and international research and assessment. Utilising robust design thinking, methods and processes, in combination with research evidence, practitioner knowledge and the experience of teachers, ELEVATE provides an exciting opportunity for the growth and refinement of our learning and teaching models at Trinity.

Key focus areas for the ELEVATE project include:

  • creating the conditions that enable a shift towards more powerful and effective teaching and learning experiences for high potential learners
  • reshaping practices and improving the evidence base to enhance achievement, wellbeing and engagement of high potential learners
  • curriculum and pedagogic designs that are responsive to pace, depth and level of complexity for high potential learners, creating challenges and opportunities to achieve excellence and become further motivated
  • assessment practices and data literacy informing the design of optimal learning experiences that meet and extend curriculum opportunities and amplify impact with high potential learners
  • successfully using a basket of measures to effectively monitor the progress and growth of high potential learners

An important element of this project is its focus on individual school context, and not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to successful educational outcomes for students. The School is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with our involvement in ELEVATE, further helping our boys realise their potential in academic attainment, wellbeing and life outcomes.

To learn more about how Trinity knows what boys need to flourish, download a prospectus.

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