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How Trinity's Arthur Holt Library is enriching the student experience

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Aug 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM

How Trinity's Arthur Holt Library is enriching the student experienceWith Literacy and Numeracy Week just around the corner (4 to 10 September 2017) we look at Trinity Grammar School’s Arthur Holt Library and how it inspires lifelong learning and a love of reading. Delivering collections and innovative programmes that celebrate text, promote literacy, and support teaching and learning, the cutting-edge Library has a three-pronged approach to enriching the student experience.

The Space

The design of the Arthur Holt Library supports teaching and learning in diversified forms. The class, community, and individuals are all considered and catered for, making the Library a truly dynamic hub.

Days can begin with an event like books@breakfast. Parents, faculty and students fill the space that transforms to accommodate both formal presentations and casual discussions. Then throughout the day that follows, a History class might explore our collections for research in the Seminar Space, and a Wide Reading class might sprawl on cushions in the Lounge. During recess, lunch and after school, students work on personal creative projects, browse and borrow, or catch up on homework. After hours, boarders and students who elect to take part in our Study+ programme make use of the Library space to focus on individual projects and homework.

Housed on every shelf, is a curated collection that grows to accommodate students’ academic needs and cultural tastes. The collection supports the boys’ education, reflects coursework content, challenges worldviews, sparks imagination and hopefully, fosters a life-long respect for writing and love of reading.

An important role of the space is to nurture students and enhance pastoral care. The Library is neither a formal classroom nor a playing field, so it can provide respite from the demands of both. Its corners and nooks provide relief from social pressures, while larger spaces encourage students to support each other in more informal ways. 

The Staff

The Arthur Holt Library Services staff combines expertise in teaching, research and collection development. Library staff members provide research guidance, resource evaluation, proofreading and more. A key role is making recommendations that bolster an appreciation of literature and culture in all forms.

Initiatives such as the Library Champions programme gives students experience in information management. Library Champions have a direct say in the acquisition process, contribute to planning and hosting of events, and can submit book reviews and creative writing for publication on the Library’s blog.

In this age of information overload, information literacy becomes vitally important. Effective research is no longer a matter of just ‘picking it up as you go along.’ The Library staff teaches students to use resources in a targeted, purposeful and conscientious way.

The transfer of knowledge needs to be both ‘just in case’ and ‘just in time’, and this is at the heart of the Library staff’s approach. Participating in the Life Skills programme gives Year 7 boys an important and timely introduction to referencing and academic honesty. In Year 10 all students complete a course in ‘skills for research at a senior and tertiary level.’ The Library staff is on hand to support Senior students completing projects for the International Baccalaureate, which is enquiry-based.

The Services

The Library provides services that support teaching efforts in all departments, and reach beyond simply offering learning spaces. The Library staff consults with teachers from each faculty to ensure the Library’s collection reflects the ever-evolving curriculum. Meaningful collaboration is based on joint lesson planning, team teaching, and a shared responsibility for student outcomes.

The Library plays an active role in the annual Trinity Arts Festival. This year, pop-up libraries with fun themes appeared in different parts of the School and artistic works were exhibited in the Library. Lunch-time paper-craft activities and games brought the spirit of innovation and novelty to the Library.

Recently, as part of National Science Week, Library staff and Science teachers teamed up by staging break-out provocations and installations addressing the theme ‘Future Earth’ and examining the waste generated by students and how it might be better managed to reduce the School’s ecological footprint. An exhibition of up-cycled objects demonstrated novel ways in which unwanted objects can be given new life. The Library also hosted Luke Barnes and Craig Reucassel, who spoke to Year 9 boys about cosmology and sustainability.

Beyond departmental collaborations, the Arthur Holt Library provides creative provocations and moments of rupture and departure by staging events such as TED Week, books@breakfast and National Simultaneous Storytime.

How Trinity's Arthur Holt Library is enriching the student experience

The Library is a destination of surprise and novelty that offers a home-away-from-home and enriches boys’ learning through a deliberate convergence of the Library space, staff and services.

At Trinity Grammar School we equip our students with the tools to gain knowledge, cultivate curiosity and inspire life-long learning. To learn more about the Trinity difference and how we can nurture your son to discover his potential, passions and purpose in life, download our prospectus.

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