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How you can help your son get the most out of a Trinity education

Posted by Milton Cujes on Feb 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM

How you can help your son get the most out of a Trinity educationAt Trinity Grammar School, we know what boys need to flourish and we inspire every boy to achieve. A bold statement? Perhaps, but over 100 years of educating boys has given us great insight into what boys need to realise their potential. A boy’s education at Trinity Grammar School will be rich with opportunity and busyness – once you’ve made the decision to send your son to Trinity, how can you help him to harness those opportunities, mature from them and get the most out of a Trinity education?

At Trinity we have had the pleasure of meeting with many new and prospective parents to share with them the benefits of a Trinity education. In our experience, we find that some age-appropriate preparation and reassurance from parents goes a long way in helping boys to capitalise on opportunities, navigate challenges and get the most out of their education.

Here are three of our very best tips:

  • Learning involves challenge: For every boy there will be difficult times – not making his sporting team of choice; not getting the marks he hoped for. Boys need to understand that without challenge and extension, they can’t grow and develop their talents.

  • Perseverance and effort makes the difference: An important life skill is the recognition that education – and life – is not about success or failure, but perseverance and effort. Constantly striving for improvement and personal best performances will be more rewarding in the long run.

  • Adversity is a great teacher: We want boys to realise that during their time at Trinity there will be some incredible moments that will remain positive memories for them and their family for many years to come. But there will also be times of adversity. In times of difficulty, instead of wanting to quickly relieve the unhappiness or stress of the situation by looking for short-fix solutions, we want boys to instead pause and see what they are being taught, and to learn from the experience.

A Trinity education seeks to engage the mind, body and spiritual development of all our boys. Our commitment to academic excellence is within a holistic educational environment that seeks to nurture and encourage our boys to “… grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man”. As boys re-focus their efforts and embrace the challenges that come with a new academic year, I encourage them to be constantly striving to beat their personal best performances and to never give up in the pursuit of being the best student they can be.

To learn more about our education offering and to experience the Trinity difference, watch our Trinity in Action videos.

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