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Learn the top 7 fathering techniques

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Learn the top 7 fathering techniques‘Good fathering’ matters to boys. Boys learn their first lessons of manhood from their fathers. This is why early primary-aged boys in particular, usually want to spend a great deal of time with their dads.

It is vitally important for fathers to spend as much time with their sons as possible, to allow them to learn how to be male. Fathers play a critical role in modelling male behaviour and help boys grow into good men.

As parents, we can become anxious about how to relate to our sons, especially as they transition through adolescence. We have developed our top 7 fathering techniques that will help fathers along this important journey:

1. Have adventures with your son
Experiencing memorable moments will leave a lasting impression on your son and give you the opportunity to model critical behaviours.

2. Be generous with your time
Being involved in all aspects of your son’s life. There is no substitute for quantity.

3. Be a good role model
Leading by example, showing love, respect and affection and admitting your mistakes will help shape the type of man you’d like your son to become.

4. Support your partner’s parenting
Parenting is a team effort and it’s important that children see that both parents support the same values.

5. Change as your son changes
The relationship you experience with your son in his primary years will differ greatly from that of his adolescence. It is important that you recognise your son’s needs as he makes the transition into manhood and that you adjust your parenting accordingly.

6. Discipline with firmness and compassion
Being consistent and giving appropriate rewards and punishments will help you navigate tough decisions and lessons and also ensure that your children feel loved and appreciated.

7. Communicate regularly
It is very important that fathers regularly communicate with their sons in order to understand their concerns and issues. Make time to check in with how your son is feeling every day.

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