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Pro tip: How an all boys’ education can benefit your child

Posted by Tom Dickinson, School Captain '15 on Jul 26, 2016 6:00:00 AM

I am immensely grateful for the education I received from Trinity Grammar School. Education is a gift and an investment in your child’s future. I know that many parents must consider how an all boys’ education can benefit their child. Having graduated from Trinity in 2015, I have reflected about how I believe an all boys’ education has impacted my path.

  1. One of the most profound benefits of an all boys’ education lies in the strong relationships that are formed. An all boys’ school creates an environment that facilitates the formation of long-lasting friendships that are immensely important in influencing the ways in which boys develop and mature.

  2. An all boys’ education can maximise the learning potential of boys as a result of the specialised education they receive. The techniques and methods used by teachers are tailored to the specific learning styles of boys, meaning that there is a greater emphasis placed on allowing boys to find, develop, and excel in their passions.

  3. The lack of distractions from the opposite sex is important in reducing the fear of embarrassment or failure. A positive male environment enables boys to follow their own interests and develop their true identities without the worry of how it may impact the way others perceive them. 

  4. A sense of competition that is naturally associated with the camaraderie engendered in all boys’ schools is healthy in urging boys to become the best possible versions of themselves. Boys are able to pursue their interests, whether they be sporting, musical, spiritual, academic or the creative arts, knowing that they will be supported by peers and staff to do their best. 

An education at Trinity provides all of these elements. Trinity maximises the potential for boys to pursue their passions by providing a multitude of opportunities. Ultimately, Trinity allows boys to grow and mature into men of good character who have developed a strong sense of companionship, identity, leadership, and worthiness.

In many cases, students and parents serve as a school’s greatest advocates. If you would like to get a true feel for a school make the time to talk about your concerns and your ambitions with other families, neighbours and friends.

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