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Signs that your son is a leader

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 13, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Signs that your son is a leaderHealth and happiness are always the number one priorities for your son as a parent. Whilst these factors are vitally important, as a parent you hope that your son will grow to be a strong, confident and independent boy that can achieve everything he desires.

As your son grows, there are indications from his personality traits, achievements, interests, manner and actions, of the character he is becoming. If your son is loud, confident, bold and tries to take the lead, he could be seen as a leader as he fits the traditional characteristics. However, there are many subtle signs you may notice as a parent that hint to strong leadership ability.

Here are five tell-tale signs that your son is a leader:

1. Resilience 
If your son is willing to try lots of varied activities and wants to experiment with different hobbies, this indicates that he wants to learn and try new things, and doesn’t just rely on his strengths. It shows the ability and confidence to experiment and take risks. He shows resilience when he ‘goes for it’, particularly when it may not be to his strengths. This inclination for risk taking means he will learn to weigh the pros and cons of his actions so he can be better prepared next time. Good leaders need to be highly resilient and prone to taking considered risks.

2. Responsibility
Being self-sufficient and taking responsibility are important life skills that show leadership potential. If your son is able to finish tasks without constant reminders, such as homework or chores, he is more likely to see things through and complete goals later on in life. If your son tries to problem-solve before asking for your help, he is showing initiative and self-determination. Taking responsibility requires courage and commitment, and demonstrates independence - skills all good leaders possess.

3. Empathy
Being empathetic and understanding how to relate to others emotionally by interpreting their feelings doesn’t just make children sensitive, it is a positive trait for leadership. If your son is friendly, encouraging and concerned about the wellbeing of others, it shows high emotional intelligence and a social awareness. Good leaders build good culture and nurture those around them by understanding and engaging with their emotions.

4. Socialisation
As a leader, you need to possess social competence and have the ability to form and maintain positive relationships. If your son can secure and build friendships, deal effectively with confrontation and find common ground with others, he is displaying social competence. Parents should encourage playtime, social activities and time spent with friends to build vital interpersonal skills.

5. Team player
Although it’s often-thought leaders are louder and bolder personalities that actively take charge, this stereotype is less relevant today. Inspiring leaders are those that listen, encourage and inspire others. They are part of the team, and work with others for the benefit of the group. If your son can support and embolden others, this is a great indicator of strong leadership. 

6. Instincts
The world is ever-changing and the ability to adapt to change, and display flexibility is important, especially for decision making. If your son can confidently make decisions, like what subjects to study at school, he is trusting his instincts and setting his own direction. If you son is able to tap into his different strengths and skills in the face of change and follow through with his decisions, he is exhibiting leadership potential.

Trinity Grammar School students are given many opportunities to experience leadership, whether it be through sport, creative arts, in the classroom, through Cadets or through School Officer roles. The foundation of the school’s leadership programme is based on the Biblical principle of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus throughout the Gospels. The School Captain, Prefects and Officers spend a weekend learning about the application of servant leadership and its responsibilities. 

One of the most significant opportunities that our boys have to learn leadership skills is through the Certificate II in Leadership through Cadets qualification – the only one of its kind in Australia. Our Leadership Through Cadets course is designed to enable boys to acquire a range of technical, practical, personal and organisational skills associated with leadership. To learn more about Leadership Through Cadets download our course information booklet.

Certificate II in Leadership Through Cadets

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