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Six easy ways to keep your son entertained these Easter holidays

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 6, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Six easy ways to keep your son entertained these Easter holidaysAs Term 1 draws to a close, our thoughts turn to the meaning of Easter and the excitement of the Easter holiday break sets in. There are a number of activities you can participate in with your son during this time to create quality family memories and avoid holiday restlessness. It’s useful to plan ahead and have a list of go-to activities on hand to keep your kids engaged and away from the television.  

Here are 6 easy ways to keep your son entertained these Easter holidays:

1. Create Easter gifts together
Easter is not about chocolate. It’s one of the most significant periods in the Christian calendar – a focus on the resurrection of Jesus. A great way to reflect on the meaning of Easter with your son is to make gifts together for your loved ones. Draw, paint and get hands-on with craft activities, and use this time to talk and bond with your son. A handmade gift such as a card or painting holds much more meaning than a bought gift, particularly special for grandparents.

2. Get active as a family
Find a scenic park, walking trail or beach and explore the outdoors as a family. Going for a hike or bike ride is a fantastic way to spend time as a family that’s inexpensive and provides a quality experience. Use the day as a mini holiday adventure. Take photos and get your son to choose his favourite shots to make into a photo album or scrapbook.

3. Give your son a holiday project
Boys need to feel useful and experience varying degrees of responsibility. Assigning an interesting job to your son over the holidays will allow him to feel like a contributing member of the family. This could include painting a fence or window frame, restoring an old chair together or creating an album of your last trip as a family. 

4. Organise a picnic or Easter party
Children’s social activities don’t always need to be expensive. Instead of a pricey trip to the cinemas, organise a picnic at a park. Tell everyone to bring a plate of food and play soccer or cricket to keep the children active and entertained. 

5. Visit the museum or art gallery
Entry is usually free, and while your son may have been on a school excursion, visiting a museum or art gallery as a family is often a different experience. It shows your child that an interest in history and art is something to be valued and gives you an opportunity to share your cultural views and interests with your child. 

6. Make a film
You don’t need high tech cameras or equipment to make your own movie these days. Mobile phones are brilliant filming devices, as we know, and there are a range of easy to use editing apps and programs, some are even free. Encourage your son to direct the film. Help him write a script, cast family and friends and allow him to film and edit the finished product. He’ll feel a big sense of achievement afterwards and it’s a great activity to boost creativity and confidence. 

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