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Six signs your son is healthy and happy

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 3, 2017, 6:00:00 AM

Seven signs your son is healthy and happyAs a parent, your main priority is to ensure that your son is healthy, happy and well adjusted in life. Your child may not always verbalise or communicate to you how he is feeling, but there are some very helpful signs that will help you understand how your child is faring in life on both an emotional and physical level.

Here are the six signs your son is healthy and happy:

1. Watch his verbal and body language
An unhappy child may demonstrate self-pity, be despondent and show feelings of dejection, all of which indicate a state of overall unhappiness. A happy child on the other hand, will demonstrate signs of being “carefree” and feeling comfortable in his own environment.

2. He is functioning normally
Is he sleeping and eating as per normal, does he interact well with other children without throwing tantrums, and is he successfully hitting the developmental milestones typlical of children his age? If you can answer “yes” to each of these points, you can be pretty sure that your son is a healthy and happy young individual.

3. He connects with others
Happy children generally interact well with others, Regardless of whether your son is an introvert or an extrovert, there should be an element of willingness to mix and communicate with others. Emotionally healthy children can navigate everyday stressors in life. Another sign of good emotional health is your son’s ability to handle an argument with a friend for example. He may require some guidance from you as a parent on how to resolve the issue, but overall he should be able to move on from arguments with friends and fellow students pretty quickly.

4. Nothing gets him down for too long
It’s completely normal to make mistakes in life and not have things always go your way. A well adjusted boy will understand this, pick himself up and move forward. A way to support him as a parent, is to be firm if and when your son makes a mistake, and instead of getting angry with him, help him to learn how to cope with challenges in life.

5. He behaves well in class
Emotionally well-balanced children function well in school and in cocurricular activites. For example, when a teacher asks your son to stop talking in class, he should be be able to heed the teacher’s request without reacting angrily and negotiate the stressor without too much anxiety. This is evidence of an emotionally healthy child.

6. He has happy parents
Children will usually follow by example, if you are a healthy and happy parent with good habits, you will instil this in your son. If your approach is positive and energetic then your son is likely to have a similar attitude to life. The key is to be consistent, form healthy habits in the home and always channel your emotions in a constructive manner. By doing this you give your son the right tools to succeed and lead a healthy and happy life.

Fuelled by a pastorally aware culture with exceptionally high levels of individual student attention, At Trinity Grammar School we pride ourselves on knowing, understanding and nurturing every student.

Your son will receive an outstanding Christian holistic education where he will be nurtured to grow into a man who is clear and passionate about his unique potential, passions and purpose in life. To learn more about the Trinity difference and how we can help your son to flourish and succeed, please download our prospectus.

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