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Six valuable life skills boys learn through sport

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Six valuable life skills boys learn through sportParticipating in sport at school is profoundly important for a boy’s learning, on several levels. Not only does it enhance the obvious fitness and sportsmanship skills, it promotes a healthy mind, and teaches boys how to interact with team mates and deal with wins and losses. At Trinity Grammar School, we incorporate compulsory Sport into the curriculum to help boys develop these skills and unlock their full potential.

There are many life skills boys learn through sport. Here are the top six:

1. Stress management
Taking part in sport significantly helps with positivity and stress management. Not only does it help maintain a healthy body, it helps maintain a healthy mind. Exercise and physical activity trigger the release of endorphins – the happy hormone, to help boys feel positive. Being physically active can help alleviate stress and reduce the effects of anxiety. Sport helps boys balance out the challenges of their academic classes by allowing space to clear the mind.

2. Discipline and commitment
In order to perform at their best, sport requires boys to be committed and put in the requisite hard work. They need to train, practice regularly and work towards improving themselves to contribute to a team and not let their teammates down. It is beneficial for boys to occasionally lose to appreciate the value of hard work, discipline and improvement. Losing can make them more resilient and enhance their drive to do better next time. 

3. Teamwork
Without the skills and support of our peers, triumphs would not be possible. Boys have to learn to cooperate, share and rely on one another. Even in solo sports, boys can look to their peers for support and practice. Team sports provide healthy competition, comradery and an appetite to succeed together. Bonding as a team makes victory celebrations sweeter, and losing streaks easier to manage.

4. Confidence
Self-improvement is a wonderful thing for boosting boys’ confidence. A good pass, direct shot or well-timed aim will assist in enhancing their self-esteem and gives them the encouragement to keep at it and try harder next time. And then there’s the unbeatable feeling of achieving something, whether it be a goal, personal best time or perfecting a move! It gives boys belief in themselves to try the unknown, whether it be pursuing a new interest, increasing the difficulty level or meeting new team members.

5. Active lifestyle
Regular participation in sport at school sets a normal standard of physical activity for boys to become accustomed to. It encourages good habits early on that can be followed and maintained throughout life. At school boys can sample different sports to discover which they enjoy most and would like to pursue further inside and outside the classroom. Childhood obesity is a serious concern in our society and encouraging an active lifestyle through sport is vital to combatting this issue.

6. Respect
Boy will need to respect and cooperate with authority figures throughout their life. Sport fosters respect early in a child’s development. Through sport in school, boys learn to respect the rules, coaches, teammates and opponents. Rules are there to guide, instruct and define processes. Respecting them on the sporting field prepares boys for everyday life where rules must be followed daily.

Trinity aims to provide the best environment for boys to flourish and develop. The unique programme of Sport that we offer plays a key role in this aim in many direct and indirect ways, and is an integral part of School life and a well-rounded education.

In addition, Trinity became the first school in Australasia to be accredited as a World Academy of Sport Athlete Friendly Education Centre, being one of only nine schools in the world to receive this accreditation. To learn more about the Trinity difference and how we inspire boys to realise their potential, passions and purpose in life, download our prospectus.

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