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Student story: A typical day in my life

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Sep 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Student story: A typical day in my life

By Daniel Jones, Year 3, Junior School

Growing up anywhere brings its problems, and I know that children in many other countries face problems that I couldn’t even imagine. So I’m going to be honest here … I don’t really worry about much. Let’s face it, I’m a nine year old boy … one of my biggest concerns is ‘What did mum pack in my lunch box?’

In my experience, parents put schooling first. A mantra that I often hear at home is “homework first, technology after.” Whereas in the classroom my teacher would say, “Open a new Google doc.” You may be left thinking ‘Google what?’ – but that’s life today.

School life for me, is about risk-taking, goal-setting, challenges, being an inquirer and taking responsibility for my learning and actions. However, I couldn’t imagine life without sweet treats from my teacher. Being rewarded with a game, or some time on my Chromebook to explore the class wonderings, is also fun.

Life at Trinity Grammar School is very busy – I’m talking jam-packed! From the moment I wake up, I’m thinking, ‘What am I even doing today?’ But something that helps me, is knowing that I have my timetable in my locker. My record book is like a second Bible – it helps me answer questions like: ‘What am I bringing to school today and why?’, ‘Do I need my PE clothes, or my violin, or perhaps a potted plant for a unit of inquiry?’

Moving from lessons can sometimes be exhausting, so I’m thankful for that packed lunch which gives me the energy I need to get through the day (and in case you were wondering, it’s usually delicious … so thanks Mum).

I love the freedom that I have when it comes to learning at school. Free choice of books to read in reading groups, free choice of extension tasks to broaden my knowledge and embrace my curiosity, even a free choice of treats from my teacher. Ha ha!

School life in 2017 might be daunting for the older generation, however I’ve come to realise that a typical day in my life is just, well ... normal. As I said before, I’m not that worried about my school life. I have the freedom to ‘do’ school properly here at Trinity.

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