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Student story: Ladder to the moon

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Oct 18, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Student story: Ladder to the moonBy Thomas Henry, Year 2 Junior School

One afternoon there was a boy and a long, long and wobbly ladder to the moon. That must mean trouble!

Bill was walking around the wheat farm. He lived in a little cottage with his mother, father and grandmother.

As he was strolling along minding his own business, he spied grandmother. She shuffled over to him. She said come quickly. They walked through wheat until grandmother stopped. She moves aside. Bill saw a ladder.

He stared at it for a long time. It was very long and wobbly.

Grandmother asked, “What should we do?”

Bill said, “Let’s climb it!”

So, grandmother went first. They climbed for hours. Suddenly, something sucked Bill and grandmother up. They found themselves in a tiny room. In that room was a light and a chair. Bill and grandmother waited for hours.

Finally, somebody came in.

He said, “I’m Anver. I am from underground which is where you are now.’

Grandmother and Bill now knew what the gust of wind had been. They had been sucked underground.

Anver said, “You are over grounders, am I right?”

“Yes!” said Bill and Grandma at the same time.

Anver told them that anyone who enters the underground never comes out. Grandmother and Bill turned pale. Anver smiled and said that they could only get out if they brought Murdo what he wanted. Grandma asked who this Murdo was. He replied saying that he was his boss. But before Anver could explain what it was the Murdo wanted, he vanished and Grandmother and Bill found themselves back in their little cottage.

Why is creativity important in education? At Trinity Grammar School we believe that creativity and critical thinking go hand-in-hand and are essential skills for boys to develop. Creativity is not limited to the arts – it is used in all areas of learning from writing a student story or creating a science experiment, to solving a mathematical problem or developing a sports move.

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