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Student story: My Year 7 experience so far

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 15, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Student story: My Year 7 experience so farBy Aryan Nair, Year 7

Year 7, high school, the big League! As I prepared to start high school it felt very daunting. My first day at Trinity Grammar School was on 29 January 2019. I thought it would be a tough start to school, with no friends, new teachers and a completely new school environment.

However, my Year 7 experience so far has been much easier than I thought. I found many friends on day one. The class and work were setup in a way that we mingled a lot and were able to make friends. This was one factor which made my Year 7 start smoother.

I had heard that teachers and staff in high schools were strict. However, my experience was very different at Trinity. The teachers were as surprisingly friendly as they were humorous and taught us in fun ways. They make learning fun!

As soon as we started, I found the first major challenge in high school – the lockers. It took me some time to get comfortable with them. At first, I was uncomfortable keeping all my precious items in a cupboard in the middle of the School. Then I became used to the area and the schoolmates around me. In fact, I actually made really good friends through our locker area chat.

Thanks to a locker organising task, I feel like I have become more responsible since I started in secondary school – my parents agree! I’m very conscious of all my belongings like laptops and blazers, and have become more organised – like attending music lessons on time, not losing my homework, and in planning my day and week in advance. This is now a habit – a good one which has so far been very helpful.

Compared to primary school, at Trinity we have to move around the School between periods to attend different classes. At first, I was confused about why we did this. Then I realised it was a short break which refreshed our minds. I actually learnt more about the School and its environment in this short break. Getting lost and trying to find period classes in the beginning was a great way to meet new people and establish friendships. Two of my friends today are the ones who I met through the ‘class-hunting’ process.

High schools come with homework. The amount of homework is different compared to primary school. In high school you have many teachers who give you assignments and homework, which are sometimes due the next day. Although it is sometimes tiring to do the homework, it gives me a sense of achievement when I have completed it, got the answers right and have learnt something new. My micro-victories motivate me to keep going.

In my primary school the only extra-curricular opportunity we were offered was to go to sporting events. However, at Trinity we are spoiled for choice. There are arts, drama, sport, creative classes and much more.

The sheer number of sport choices available is amazing. If I could, I’d like to participate in all. I love that Trinity has a focus on sport. For example, many people this year have made it into CAS and CIS teams and some are even in the Australian team. The School also runs sessions to improve your technique, with training provided by experienced coaches.

For example, on Monday mornings soccer coaches hold training sessions to improve soccer skills. As I’m not a morning person, I have chosen to sleep over training. However, I’m excited that there is an after-school cricket training session which I will be attending.

Like sport, Trinity also provides a wonderful platform for developing your creative side. At the School there are many chances to show your creative ideas through music and art. In Music, many bands and ensembles showcase their beautiful pieces in Battle of the Bands and Gala Music Night. I was very excited to hear the amazing musicians at Trinity. I’ve also seen a wonderful showcase of creativity through events such as the Big Fish drama production, Friday Night Fever, and the Trinity Arts Festival.

In the four and a half months I have spent at Trinity, I have already been involved in a number of things. I tried out for the honours classes, and fortunately made it into English and Maths which I was very happy about. Cricket is my favourite sport and I have been playing since I was five or six. My aim was to make it into a good team and I succeeded making it into 7A – I felt so happy about it. It was also great to see our team competing against other schools – especially against my club friends in another school – healthy competition is always good!

Although, I feel that I have already learnt a lot and am enjoying the School, I’m still waiting for the biggest excitement of this year. In December, I am going to the United States of America to visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This is such a unique opportunity and I’m glad that Trinity offers it to its students. This is going to be a very different adventure as I have never travelled overseas with my friends. Also, I love science and visiting NASA is on the top of my list. I’m glad I will be able to achieve it by the end of this year.

The journey so far at Trinity has been pleasingly smooth compared to what I anticipated. The credit goes to the teachers and the School for making it happen. Year 7 so far has been amazing, and I can’t wait to improve and grow in the years to come.

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