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Student story: Nicholas is proud to play the violin

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 24, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Trinity’s Music DepartmentBy Nicholas Ayoub, Year 6, Junior School

Music has always been a part of my life. At home and in the car, we listen to classical music CDs and when I was five years old I started to learn the violin. In the early stages I was sometimes given little rewards for practising, but now I practice independently. 

At Trinity I’ve enjoyed playing in Vivaldi Strings and I’ve challenged myself by entering the Soloist and Concerto Competitions. Playing the violin has meant that I’ve had so many opportunities to be a part of things like concerts, celebrations and school events. Outside of school I’ve played violin in Suzuki Graduation Concerts at the Opera House, performed Christmas Carols at nursing homes and busked on Pitt Street with Two Set Violin, a YouTube comedy group that I follow. Last year, I really pushed myself harder in preparation for the Donald Holder Scholar audition. I really wanted to win it. I was ecstatic when I heard my name announced at the Trinity Junior School Annual Awards. I’m proud that I play the violin. I feel encouraged and determined to be the best musician I can be. I’m a member of the Junior School Choir and I particularly enjoy singing the new works we commission from the composers, who write for us from the University of Sydney. I am looking forward to a year of playing music with my friends at school and leading the Junior School Music Leaders in providing music opportunities for everyone in the Junior School.

The Donald Holder Scholarship is a Trinity-funded student leadership position that covers the cost of individual music lessons for the successful candidate throughout Year 6.

For over a hundred years Trinity Grammar School has educated boys in mind, body and spirit. Fuelled by a pastorally aware culture with exceptionally high levels of individual student attention, we aim to know, understand and nurture every student to help them realise their potential, passions and purpose in life.

With music being an essential element of Trinity’s curriculum, most boys at some stage, will learn a musical instrument and engage in group musical activity; such as choir, orchestra, band or ensemble, or a musical stage production.

Trinity’s Music Department has one of the most dynamic and impressive performance programmes in Australia and in terms of student participation, is one of the most comprehensive. Commitment of students and staff to achieving excellence in performance has earned them an impressive reputation.

To learn more about the Trinity difference and our extensive Music Programme, download our Music ebook.

Trinity's Music Programme

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