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Student story: Our BIVOUAC experiences

Posted by Joshua Kolesnikoff and Lachlan Dock on Dec 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Student story: Our BIVOUAC experiencesBy RSM Joshua Kolesnikoff and CPL Lachlan Dock

The Trinity Grammar School Australian Army Cadet Unit BIVOUAC took place recently. Our BIVOUAC experiences were memorable, and this camp was great for all of the recruit cadets and their Senior rank members. The cadets had a bus ride down to H Range on the southern reaches of the Holsworthy Military training area. There was a walk to Charlie and Deltas night locations and this was soon followed by a Bullring exercise.

The companies were split into their allocated platoons and the cadets then undertook lessons to aid their skills in the field such as, the SUO teaching them how to set up the right type of hutchie for different conditions and sleeping areas, and the OPSO teaching them how to make the most out of their ration pack, and effective cooking. The ADJ conducted cam and concealment, with the Recon Commander doing movement by day and night. Navigation basics were conducted by the Charlie COY Commander, and the Delta COY Commander conducted the effectiveness and development of night harbours. The information and activities that the cadets undertook will be beneficial for an exciting and great experience for AFT next year.

The Bullring lessons were concluded by late afternoon, then we started setting up our night locations with hutches and sleeping equipment, before cooking from ration packs in our platoons. In the evening the senior rank of each company organised a night lantern stalk which was to give the cadets a chance to show their ability in using the movement by night skills that they learnt during the day. All cadets did well in conducting this activity safely and with proper procedure.

The Medics section conducted medical support throughout BIVOUAC by providing First Aid. Over the two days patients ranged from sickness to burns, allowing the medics to get some experience in helping boys enjoy their camp experience. Overall the medic team was successful in providing much needed aid to the cadets on BIVOUAC.

Next morning, cadets had an early session of PT (Personal Training) which involved, running, passing, and stealth movement. By the conclusion of the afternoon all the cadets had the privilege to get a sausage sandwich, which was a good way to end the camp on a high. BIVOUAC was a great experience for the recruit cadets and was a good opportunity in preparation for AFT next year.

RSM: The two days and one-night Cadet BIVOUAC was the first cadet experience for the Year 8 cadets in the bush. They learnt valuable skills throughout their time on the camp, which will help them to progress further in their time in cadets. From arrival they moved to their night locks and then proceeded to a bull ring of basic, yet vital lessons. The skills that they develop on their first BIVOUAC will assist them as cadets continues throughout the year, and up to AFT.

Their commendable efforts throughout the camp should be noted, as too for their rank, as they worked alongside their cadets in their first experience as sections, platoons and companies in the bush. Cadets also experienced their first night activity being a ‘Lantern Stalk’, which was an entertaining and interactive activity which encouraged involvement from all cadets and the use of skills learnt in the day’s lessons.

  • Force
  • Intelligence
  • Effort
  • Learning
  • Determination

The Trinity Grammar School Australian Army Cadet Unit provides compulsory co-curricular Army Cadet training for all boys in Year 8, with 2018 marking the 81st year of the programme at the School.

Cadets equips Trinity boys with life skills related to leadership, discipline, autonomy and dealing with challenges and pressure – skills that are highly valued in the workplace and in society in general. Trinity has found that those boys who continue beyond the compulsory two-year cadet window are amongst the best leaders that the School produces.

Trinity Grammar School encourages your son to realise his potential, pursue his passions and discover his purpose all within the context of a supportive Christian environment. We have guided boys to grow in mind, body and spirit for over a century and we know what boys need to truly flourish and succeed.

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