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Student story: Students are encouraged to take a world view

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Nov 13, 2019 6:00:00 AM
Student story: Students are encouraged to take a world view

By Christian Ciarroni, Year 6

Year 6 Trinity Grammar Junior School students are encouraged to take a world view in exploring some of society’s biggest issues. Boys explored a wide variety of topics from environmental and cultural, to technology and health; researching, interviewing, surveying and being mentored to prepare exhibitions about their chosen subject.

The boys’ learning is a culmination of months of effort that is highlighted at the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. The theme for the Exhibition was ‘How we express ourselves’ and boys were required to focus on the central idea: 'Diversity in creative expression enables people to understand themselves and others.' The PYP Exhibition gives boys the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, spruik their findings, create interactive displays and raise awareness amongst fellow students, parents and teachers for world issues.

We interviewed Year 6 student, Christian Ciarroni about his experience of the PYP Exhibition.

1. What did your PYP Exhibition project focus on?
My project was based around the idea that political policies affect the way people assimilate, segregate and integrate into society.

2. How did you decide on your topic?
I decided that I wanted to consider current world issues. I then asked my teacher, Mr Hoare and my mentor, Mrs Williams what they thought about it. Mr Hoare suggested political policies and Mrs Williams gave me the idea of protests. Altogether, this led to my research into those areas, both in Australia and overseas.

3. What did you enjoy about participating in the PYP Exhibition?
I enjoyed seeing Enrico’s Lego Protests and Maxwell’s life-size board game. I felt like these were a good way to draw people to their exhibits. In my exhibit, I enjoyed interviewing a school teacher. I also enjoyed watching everyone setting up, and setting up myself, as it was amazing to watch ideas coming to life.

4. What if anything, did you find challenging?
I found that trying to think of action was challenging, as there are so many ways we could display our action. Some people tried changing their own behaviour, such as giving up social media, while others gave out health plans and pamphlets. In the end, I decided on handing out bookmarks that summarised my research findings.

5. What did you learn about your topic?
I learned about what causes protests and policies and how they affect citizen’s expressive rights. The workings of governments and the community may seem complicated, but there is always an underlying cause for everything. I also learned how to present my research findings in a way that is clear, providing the people who came to my exhibition with key information.

6. What was the highlight of the PYP Exhibition for you?
The highlight for me, was presenting on the night. The energy levels were so high, this was what we had been preparing for over two months! The atmosphere was ecstatic. When it was finally over we were all relieved that it was done and happy with how it went.

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