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Students learn about the real world application of mathematics

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Mar 24, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Students learn about the real world application of mathematicsTrinity Grammar School Mathematics Club recently hosted a Mathematics Discovery Evening for students and parents wanting to learn about the real world application of mathematics, and career options in the field.

Mathematics is a universal part of human culture. It helps us to recognise patterns and understand the world around us. Mathematics plays a vital and often unseen role in many aspects of modern life. Business and industry need workers who can solve real-world problems, explain their thinking to others, identify and analyse trends in data, and use modern technology.

The event presented a wonderful opportunity for boys to gain an insight into the field that they may one day pursue as a career while illustrating the importance of mathematics in one’s everyday life. The event was staged as a workshop Q&A format and the School was privileged to have questions by extremely knowledgeable and experienced members of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The panel of experts included Dr Stephen Woodcock (Academic from the Faculty of Science), Kimberly Cullen (Outreach and Promotions Officer), and other experienced postgraduate students.

Today, more than ever, data is gathered on all aspects of everyday life. The challenge for applied mathematicians and statisticians is to make sense of this information and to use it effectively. The evening proved engaging and enlightening, with many interesting questions and discussions about the importance of maths, its place in the world and the growing need for mathematicians to analyse numbers and solve world issues.

The evening also featured a workshop session about Mobius Maths, looking at some of the unexpected applications of maths – graphic animations and video games have improved thanks to maths, it can make or break a building design, and it can even be used to tell a love story! In this workshop, students and parents learned about how maths is used in:

  • Logic and algebra in computer science
  • Statistics and modelling in business/finance/economics
  • Algorithms for solving Rubik cubes
  • Cryptography and encryption
  • Polygon smoothing in animation
  • Skyscraper death rays
  • Love Stories
  • Superheroes

The workshop, ‘Creativity Counts’ investigated how mathematics applies to rules and formulae’s and how creativity and mathematics are very much linked. Students participated in hands-on activities, making use of creativity in problem-solving with great effect.

“At the end of the session, students and parents met the University presenters, asking many questions and showing great enthusiasm and passion. The Mathematics Club is looking forward to further collaborations with UTS to provide Trinity students of all mathematical ability, access to new ideas and applications in the field,” said Trinity’s Dr Frederick Osman, Master In Charge, Mathematics Club.

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