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Teaching your son to share

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 28, 2018 6:00:00 AM

 Teaching your son to shareIt can be challenging teaching your son to share, particularly in the early years, however it is a skill needed for play and learning throughout his childhood, and will follow through into the rest of his life. Sharing will allow your son to grow friendships and play cooperatively with his peers, as well as deepen his care and awareness of others.

Here are six tips on how to teach your son to share.

  1. Make it fun
    Teach your child cooperative games in which he must work with others, rather than competitive games focused on winning. You could try doing a jigsaw puzzle together, taking turns to add pieces.

  2. Don't punish your child for not sharing
    It can be embarrassing to see your child snatching a teddy from his friend, or throwing a tantrum because his turn with the trucks has ended. He may get the message that sharing has negative consequences if you react negatively. Wait until the situation has calmed and explain why sharing is important and demonstrate how it can work well.

  3. Talk it out
    When your child squabbles with a friend about a toy, try to intervene before things become too heated. If the situation becomes too intense, try to remove your child from the area until things have calmed down. Once everyone is ready to listen, discuss what happened and how it can be improved so everyone can get along in future.

  4. Teach your child to problem-solve
    Help your son to find ways of sharing that are fair for everyone. Encourage him to take turns and share toys, reassuring him that he will get them back and he is not giving them away. Setting a kitchen timer to mark each child's turn may help. The likelihood is if he shares his toys, others will be more inclined to share theirs with him.

  5. Respect your child’s possessions
    If your son thinks his toys may be lost or damaged, he’ll be less willing to share them. So, make sure others ask permission before you let them borrow anything, and give him the option of saying no.

  6. Set a good example
    The best way for your son to learn generosity is to witness it. So, share your ice cream with him and ask if you can try on his new hat. Use the word “share” to describe what you're doing, and let your child know that you can share a story, a feeling or an idea, as well as sharing material things.

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