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The amazing reality of Christmas

Posted by The Reverend Greg Webster on Dec 22, 2017, 6:00:00 AM

The amazing reality of ChristmasBy Greg Webster, Trinity Grammar School Chaplain

It's 1:30pm Wednesday – any Wednesday. It’s lunchtime and you're standing in the line at the cafeteria. It's a time for quiet reflection. None of your friends are around so there is no one to talk to. As you quietly contemplate the deep philosophical matters of your last English class, you notice the student in front of you in the line.

He's been running around on number two oval. The sweat is dripping off him, his shirt is wet and stuck to his back. You think quietly to yourself that this is not the greatest human specimen you've ever seen.

He's a bit overweight, his hair is greasy and on the back of his neck there is a lone pimple that’s about to fire up. In fact, if you weren't standing behind him in the cafeteria line, he's the sort of person, you would probably not even notice at all.

When God took on flesh and became a human being about two thousand years ago, he would have looked something like this.

Nothing special - just some random guy.

You know, one of the things that amazes me, is that God could have chosen to come to earth as anybody and at any time. He could have been born into a royal family – any royal family. He could have been born into the wealthiest of nations in the wealthiest of times.

Yet Jesus comes to earth as the son of a carpenter, into a hot, dry, dusty village in first century Palestine. He is born onto a stable floor to a young, probably 16 year-old-girl, who’s not even married. It’s all pretty ordinary. Then, if God decided to come to earth, surely he would be immune from the suffering, pain and hassle of this messed-up world? But Jesus is rejected and humiliated. His friends don’t really ‘get’ him. His family think he is crazy. He is frequently misunderstood - a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.

Remember the last time you thought that no one really understood you? How no one could possibly know what it's like to walk around in your shoes? Well Jesus knows.

The amazing reality of Christmas is that God became one of us.

At Trinity Grammar School our mission is to provide a thoroughly Christian education for boys, imparting knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, and recognising the importance of spiritual qualities in every sphere of learning. We actively encourage our students to grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man, in order that they may become responsible, contributing members of society.

We understand the importance of strong relationships and will support your son as he practises and progresses his communication skills.

Trinity's Life Skills Programme is part of a whole School approach to health and wellbeing. In conjunction with the development of ethical, moral and religious values, its goal is to enhance boys’ capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially competent. For information about our programme for Year 10 students, download our Year 10 Life Skills Programme guide.

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