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The challenges of school and how I manage them

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 12, 2017 6:00:00 AM

The challenges of school and how I manage them

By Lewis Dobbin, Year 9 student, Trinity Grammar School

At Trinity Grammar School, there are many challenges that I as a student face, and they cover all aspects of my school life. Whether the challenges are social, academic, sport, or co-curricular, I have to be able to manage them so that I can enjoy school and succeed.

The biggest challenge when I first started at Trinity was time management. Being able to create enough time to study for tests, do homework, maintain friendships and train for sport is vital to having a successful and happy time at school, and the way I manage this challenge is by implementing a study schedule.

My study schedule allows for me to allocate time for study and know when to work hard and focus. It also allows for me to have time to play sport after school, or on a weekend, and this helps to take my mind off school and helps my mind to clear before coming home and studying.

The challenges of school also include performing at sport. At Trinity, with the level of sport that they offer, staying in a high-quality team is difficult. A way I manage this challenge is practise and training. Practising allows for me to develop my skills, as well as maintain my level of fitness, which is vital in the sports I play.

The many challenges I face during a school year, both at school and at home, have made me more aware of the commitment required to do well at school, both academically, socially and physically. Furthermore, the management of these challenges has developed my maturity and have given me experience to deal with challenges in the future.

Trinity Grammar School has been helping boys to develop in mind, body and spirit for over a century, and we provide boys with the skills and support they need to manage the challenges of school effectively. To see the Trinity difference, download our Trinity in Action videos.

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