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The importance of making mistakes

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Dec 14, 2016 6:00:00 AM

The importance of making mistakesA boy’s education at Trinity will be rich with opportunity and busyness. However, it is critical to remember that without challenge, boys cannot grow and develop their God-given talents.  

There will be both ups and downs in a boy’s journey – it’s vital for him to acknowledge this and develop the skills to learn from his circumstances. A valuable life skill for boys to recognise, is that education, and life in general, is not about success or failure, but perseverance and effort. 

Our overall aim is for boys to constantly strive to beat their personal best, fulfil their potential, and never give up the pursuit of being the best they can be.

It’s important to be conscious of the fact that our first effort is rarely our best effort.

Every boy can make a difference to his academic potential by:

  • Seeking out challenges instead of avoiding them.
  • Not being afraid to make mistakes.
  • Learning from mistakes made.
  • Embracing feedback from others.
  • Reviewing all assessment task results with their teacher to identify weaknesses and find solutions to address them.

Parents can assist their son’s understanding of the importance of making mistakes by:

  • Discussing the circumstances with your son, and looking at the positives that can be taken from the experience.
  • Asking your son what he learned from the mistake.
  • Exploring, together with your son, ways the mistake can be avoided in the future.
  • Encouraging your son to seek and embrace feedback from his teachers.

Mistakes are vital to the growth and development of boys. Through the adoption of this mindset and by embracing these actions, the academic potential of every boy at Trinity is unlimited.

At Trinity Grammar School, students are encouraged to try their best and to take risks in a variety of safe environments. We offer boys many opportunities to learn from the process, and the success and setbacks that are experienced. 

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